Thursday, November 01, 2007

and so it begins....

drum roll, please.
NaBloPoMo officially begins, start your engines, ladies and gentlemen.
Now what to write about, how many days I'm into NaBloPoMo? Just kidding it won't be like that, only as a last resort...ha!
Today we'll start with my" other job", not a job you hate or dislike, but a fun one, and well they don't pay me, unless i sell something at open studios.
I have been a part time printmaker, for 5 years. I began with a class at my local art museum, on non toxic printmaking,I took more classes, bought inks, and paper, and eventually moved from a 3 hour class once a week, for 10 weeks to a studio, where artist went to make art. I definitely felt like a novice, and it took me a while, to get over my big bad self, to feel comfortable enough to call myself an artist. i didn't go to school for printmaking, that was the one semester, we didn't get as Nursing students.In real life I work as a Nurse, have been one for 23 years, so this printmaking I'm still very a novice at.
What I love about it,the steps you go through to pull a print, I'm just as attracted to those as I am making the print. I concentrate on etching, on copper, and relief prints, on wood or linoleum.
I'm big into color, though black definitely has a place in my printmaking I would say, color is a big driving force , also.
I use oil based relief and etching ink, with relief prints there is something about the sheen, of the ink after it dries, in etching the strength of the color, along with the lushness of the paper, Yes, that's right, you heard it, I am a paper whore, from those deceivingly translucent, but strong as steel Japanese papers, to the lush velvety papers made by the Italians, and the Germans, they are all equally wonderful, and luxurious to use.
Figuring out how to use these papers, are as much of the print as the actually plate, or block it's printed from, your paper should be used well enough so you have healthy,meaning big enough, clean borders, and square edges. One mistake printmakers, can make is by using a too small sheet of paper, your edges are too small and it minimizes any detail in the print.Though you maybe be printing from a small plate, you don't really notice that, because the paper is too damn small.
I seem to have gotten away from why I love printmaking, but I have a whole month to write about it, and I will.
So now, it's off to the studio for me, to pull some prints.I'll continue this subject tomorrow.

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s'mee said...

I can't wait! Seriously, this is SO interesting for me, I just get giddy thinking about what I get to learn from you!

On colour; have you ever noticed how beige Americans are? The French are all over blues and yellows, Italy has all the gorgeous earth tones and when I think how Latin America uses turquoise and orange it gives me goosebumps. We're really boring!