Wednesday, October 31, 2007

1 day until NaBloPoMo begins

Is one the loneliest number? I think we are sometimes conditioned to think it is. After all our bodies mock us with their two-ness, we have two eyes, a pair of hands, a couple of feet,two breasts, two ovaries, two testicles, two ears, you get the idea.
So to say One is the loneliest number, well frankly, I don't buy it.I think it's a misunderstood number, like it's great to be number one, but it's not great to be the only one?
There are a quite a few things you can only do as one, watch that guilty pleasure movie, that you fully enjoy, with out having to feel bad at all that the other person isn't as in to "the Parent Trap" as you are, and I'm talking the version with Haley Mills, not the remake, with Lindsay Lohan, which was okay, but pales in comparison to Mills version .Yeah, I'm that old.
Eating that left over Chinese food for lunch,or sometimes breakfast, depending if I've worked the night before,and eat it cold!That's definitely an only me activity.
Sleeping blissfully in the middle of the bed, with your favorite reads, strewn about you like some protective wall, can only be done as one, unless your partner is really, Really, REALLY skinny, and likes to sleep on the very edge of the bed, so you can be the ultimate ruler of slumberland.
Blogging is a solitary activity,though you may have readers, it still you in your oneness,
writing it, proofing it and hoping the spell check will recognize the word you were trying to type.
It's you that will succeed, or crash and burn at trying to get your thoughts across.It's also you that makes the final decision on whether to post it or not.
So become one,with your one- ness, and get writing!

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