Thursday, August 28, 2008

'08 AP-week four

My commitment to this project grows, as my ass is hopefully shrinking.
I think I may have seen some results this week, no wait let me rephrase that I did see some results.

The other day as I got dressed , I put on my favorite turquoise colored t-shirt and my most comfy pair of denim shorts. It wasn't until I walked by the mirror, that I caught a glimpse of my shrinking belly roll . My body was more gravity defying. No, wait that's too strong a word, it was less jiggly. there was less jiggling going on.When I flexed my arm, I had a firmer muscle under there, a bicep and triceps, for cripes sake.

My brain has an Oprah moment, right then and realized simply that, exercise is good for my body!!! That exercise, that's right I'm using the E word again,helps build muscle tone.
I am shocked and pleased at how frickin' simple this whole concept is, and why I let it allude me. I'm actually using moderation when eating. Moderation, not dieting. I eat two oreos instead of 6. I'm eating more fruit and veg. I'm still having my ice cream. And stop the presses!! I'm drinking more water, even.

I look forward to my visits to Mr. Bowflex,I no longer mock them,I'm getting more flexible, and strong doing a a few sets of yoga. Who knew endorphins could feel so good.So so so good.

I'm four weeks in, and I feel great. Yay! me.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

'08 AP-week two

So as I work my way through week two, what have I found.

This is starting to feel good, and I'm being more successful as I mix it up. I also noticed, there are small muscles under my soft flab that are firming up, and that feels good.

I walked up a flight of stairs with out having to catch my breath, not that I was out of breath, but I would take a moment and stop, then continue on.

This is the second week of my staycation, so I'm hoping to lay down a firming foundation, before I go back to work next week, and that changes my motivation to exercise, slightly.

and now for this weeks video.