Thursday, November 30, 2006

the heating situation

we have heat again.
now I can pull prints, in a mere t-shirt!
woo hoo!!

Today I printed my Christmas/Holiday cards.
It was inspired by an article I read about Grant Wood.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

day70-cold and chilly

day70-cold and chilly
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here I am at Zea Mays.
where i get the privledge of time to explore printmaking.
normally i would be smiling, except there's no heat in the building , it was 59 degrees.
i had 4 layers up top , finished by this lovely sweater i purchased from j crew mens catalog.
it's warm and toasty wool, merino to be specific.

with all those layers, you'd think i'd be warm and toasty, well *the girls* were warm , but my ass froze(only 2 layers)...tomorrow i'm back to print more, but i'll have my long johns on.(damn it)

Saturday, October 14, 2006


I traveled this May,to Amsterdam have been meaning to write it all down on my return. So, I waited awhile.

I lived on a house boat,on the Prinsengracht canal.
It was a lovely neighborhood, from the buildings, to the cobblestone streets and bike paths.(more about those later)
In our neighborhood, there were a few cafe's on the canal, a gourmet deli and a wonderful cheese shop, where the owner, really knows how to treat you, if you love cheese. He very attentive and somewhat handsome, there are buttery paper thin slices of a young Gouda, and then the jagged chunks of the older goudas ...It was heaven. Plus he had a machine that would vacuum pack your cheese, so you could bring it home on the plane, in your luggage. Which was a good plan initially, but when I arrived home, my luggage was searched, because they thought I was carrying a wedge of explosives.
so wither further adieu...My trip.

Woendag, may 10th
we have arrived, in Amsterdam...In a bang!
the trams are too narrow, we packed too much in our luggage, we are sleep deprived, the morning hustle is so fast, and we are moving anything but fast.
I have already planned when I come back( and I will)
I will pack a smaller suitcase, or not and take a taxi, from Schipol.
After all that hustle and then discovering I have no signal on my cell phone (what, what,what!!!)I am worried in the pit of my stomach, that my family will be worried, and we won't have contact, at all...yikes! The hysteria of a sleep deprived mind.
with no cell phone signal,I can't call the manager, of the houseboat, to let us in. And we want to get in!! We are sleep deprived, and all ready sick of dragging our luggage across the cobblestones, and discovering that nice wide path that we think is for walking , is really a bike path, and they have the right of way. at first we don't notice, the far off insistent ring of riders, as they warn us of the imminent arrival, and we need to get out of their way.
I have to now get some coinage, or a phonecard, and frankly what color are they phones? In the U.S they are blue, In the U.K. they are red, in the Netherlands I discover,they are green.
I walk with Mary Jane,and we find a small cigar shop, where we purchase a phone card,walk only a short distance and find a phone. I leave a message for Phil, the house boat manager. I feel a little hopeless, we reach a machine....Will we have to wait long???

By the time we get back to the house boat, Philip arrives 5 minutes, later.
He is charming, and helps us with our luggage. He also is very proud of the houseboat,for he helped refinish the wood work inside. The house boat is a gem, and very worth every penny. It is beautiful rebuilt, with gleaming rich mahogany. Gorgeous stained glass. Every inch of space is used, there are little cubbies and cabinets, in every spare inch. There is a space under our bed for me to store my behemoth of a suitcase. The beds are loft style, and are so comfortable, and big! If this is a double sized bed, America needs to catch up. Over our bed, is a skylight, we like to keep it open at night to stargaze, and I loved waking up in the morning hours with a view of the local rooftops and trees.

Once we settle and get a grip, we are thrilled we have arrived, and off we go to explore our surroundings. There is a stop at our neighborhood coffeshop, called Barney's, and we sample the laughing Buddha, very good, some laughing but reasonable. I am still able to function , and visit to the Bloemenmarkt.

The Bloemenmarkt, is a sight on it's own, masses of flowers, amaryllis bulbs the size, of baby doll heads, it a wonderful gift, and completely enthralls me with this place.
We stop to have a bite to eat, we try the fried bitterballen, and I have a mushroom omelet,the mushrooms and leeks are sauteed, and I taste a hint of tumeric, or perhaps it's curry powder.
Back to the houseboat, to hang out and regroup. There is a lovely common area in the boat, there is a table for four, and two easy chairs, a two large stained glassed windows, open onto the canal. At dusk,the boat cruising begins, we observe boats filled with groups of friends, families, sharing drink, food and laughs,we see an occasional tourist canalboats, where we are no longer the observers, but the observed.
That night when we finally sleep, it feels sooooo good.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

in memory of

25 years ago, I was on my senior class trip.
I took this then.
before there was a 9/11.
now it is five years later,
and this old photo, has this sad significance.

we will not forget.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Friday, August 25, 2006


It's funny how certain things, can bring a tear to your eye, and have you grinning wildly all at the same time.This is one of those things.
Where the hell is Matt?

Friday, July 21, 2006

Thursday, July 13, 2006


This weekend, we go to the Green River Music Festival,in Greenfield,Massachusetts.
I haven't been in over 7 years, it's supposed to be hot and sunny.
We have a shadehouse, by Kelty and a left over red and yellow spinnaker sail, from our old flying Dutchman. That we are placing on top of it, to increase our area of shade, and be colorful all at the same time.
I can't wait!! It'll be so much fun to talk and laugh with Men(the hubby and son) all weekend long.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sunday, May 07, 2006


I have been using homeopathic remedies for at least 10 years. I discovered it through my curiosity, and searching on the net.
I pulled up to Dana Ullman's website and learned about the top ten remedies you should use...Well I never bought all ten but there are 3 that I use in my life,on a fairly regular basis.
1. Arnica montana - it's a really good remedy, for muscle soreness, with bruising, and sudden injuries like sprain,or a fall it should be taken at the outset(i.e; after you pick yourself up after falling down the stairs on your butt) which is an experience I had when we moved into our house. It has steep narrow stairs, and as my feet slipped out from under me, I slid down on and landed at the bottom on my butt....Yow!!! The first time I did it, yes there was a another time...My ass cheek was purple, the whole thing, I never knew you could bruise that purple did what all first aid tells you to do, and iced my injury, to reduce swelling , and bruising...It did neither.
the second time I went downstairs on my butt, I immediately got up...And took some arnica tablets, under my tongue.I did so every 2 hours, for at least the first 10-12 hours, I did end up with a bruise, but it was the size of a golfball, not the size of A...Well never mind.
2.Ruta Graveolens-is wondeful First Aid treatment for sprains, injuries, strain, bruised bones, pulled ligaments.Sprains or fractures that aren't healing well.It's perfect for ankle sprains...something case in point I forget. I've been walking the dog lately, were doing the whole dog whisperer thing and it's working.After one of our walks I noticed my inner ankle is little sore, and I have some swelling, it's not too bad...Until later that night in the shower and I misstep and sprain it more ...Damn slippery shower gel.
Now not only do I have swelling it hurts to walk. hello feet, we're going to be walking around Amsterdam for the next 6 days, I need it not to hurt.
I try Arnica gel, and the tablets, for a few days, and it's not getting worse, it's just not getting better.I'm mildly concerned. I made sure I did the RICE mnemonic for strains, Rest, Ice,Compression, and Elevation.
While perusing the medicine cabinet and see the bottle of Ruta grav... and a light goes on , and I realize the error of my ways.Ruta grav is perfect of ankle sprains,more so than arnica.
Once begin to take it, I notice an hour later, my ankle is hurting less, I have more mobility,it's amazing the difference.I was able to work my night shift at the hospital with no pain,as I am on my feet most of my shift. I am still healing at this writing but it has made a huge difference in comfort, and change in my confidence of walking around for 6 days (in Amsterdam).
3.Pulsatilla Niger- I use this for three things, colds with cough , the kind that keep you from sleeping. As soon as you lay down,this dry wracking cough appears, this remedy will quiet that.Colds with runny noses, the kind that won't stop, even though you've mostly wiped the top layer of skin off and resemble a distant relative of Rudolf the red nosed reindeer.
but the most necessary use is for menstrual cramps...It smoothes them away, and it helps you relax,no crabbiness...No pain and sometimes you sleep better.

so I encourage you, to do your own research on homeopathy, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

rabbit rabbit

saying these very words at midnight, at the first of any month, is supposed to set you up with good luck, or something pleasant like mark your calender accordingly.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

it has arrived

it has arrived
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recently released from crown point press.
this book arrived just when i was having these nagging self doubts in my art.
that and a phone call from friend, was just what i needed to get a wee bit of attitude adjustment....phew!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


at night
i love
the quiet hum
of sleeping upstairs dreamers
drifting along.
among hushed laughs and murmurs

the dog's
shushing small snores
curled in her chair
dreaming of marrow bones.

slow rhythmic breaths
of the cat wrapped
round herself fast asleep

i watch over them
relaxed and safe
blanketed warm
beneath the night.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Self doubts as an artist, wondering if this is for real.
am I an artist, if I'm not passionate, am I quietly passionate? Do I need to be a suffering artist,or can I be giddy with excitement, because I'm an artist!

or should I just relax, and let the process be. Learning and continuing to grow.

sometimes I feel like such a poseur. I can do the techniques, but does it matter,if I feel unsure of what I am creating.

then I think, you have this golden opportunity,this lovely supportive community and you feel like running, because that's what you always do, you can't commit, so you don't, and little by little, you stop coming, and then just stop.


it felt good to express my fears at the studio and have everyone, share there little freak out stories.(you mean I'm not alone)(duh)
the other good thing was getting some validation, that I do know what I am doing.
I am a good printmaker.(damn it!)

knowing soon I will be calm again, and feel like less of a poseur, and more like the artist I am.

(I hope)

Monday, March 20, 2006

the first day of spring

So It's March 20th and Spring is here.
Well actually winter is dragging it's feet a little, as it's 26 degrees.
I'm still waiting to plant my sweet peas.Which i try to do as close to St. Patrick's Day as possible, but the ground is still frozen.
I have seen many robins, and the blackbirds are coming back filling the trees
with their silouettes and their loud caws,and the daffodils are poking their green shoots through the pale anemic leaves.
But it's still cold, damn it.
The other concerning thing is the lack of snow(water) we've had this year. I've heard many a person, breathe a sigh of relief about it, but come June when our lawns are brown and the flowers, somewhat lack luster, due to this mild winter.It won't be so wonderful.

So fingers crossed to Spring showers, for the mud and flowers that will follow.

Monday, February 13, 2006

nor'ester or is it a blizzard

I think yesterdays storm , was evident of how excited , we in New England get over storms. Granted it's been a pale anemic winter, with not alot of snow.
finally the atmosphere is right for a nor'easter, thank gawd!
and local news reported on it.... Over and over and over again. There was discussion at great length, at whether we had made the criteria for a blizzard.
or just a lowly snow storm.
whatever it came to be, it was blowing and snowing. There were birds on the trees, their chest feathers puffed out, taking runs to the bird feeders. The snow came fast and covered over everything brown or pale green, the ugly bare lawns were blanketed with thick beautiful snow.
all the cats were inside, sleeping. The dog went out briefly, but quickly returned.
the temperature dropped from 28 degrees to 16, as the low pulled in the cold air.
and everyone for the most part stayed home, a car here and there, but mostly the roads were empty.
There is something to be said for having no where to go, during a snow storm that just is cozy and safe feeling it make me feeling like cooking, what better time to sit and watch the Olympics,to warm the house while dinner cooks, and relax, it make you take a time out, and breathe and watch the snow fall.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Mr. Bento

the power of the written word.
I blame Ariel, I read her blog.
I have since i looked at Derek's pictures about Burning Man, or maybe it was something he wrote about it. Of course I met him, through reading Heather's webpage, and well she's his wife.

But really it's about the influence of the written word, and my love of useful gadgets.
Mr.Bento is a lunch jar as opposed to a lunch pail, and frankly this isn't Little House in the Prairie, didn't Laura "halfpint" Ingalls always have a lunch pail?

I digress, so I read this great review,on Ariel's blog, about the useful nature of hanging out with Mr. Bento, and frankly I am sold. Plus I get into little containers, little containers that stack and hold food.
Hell I have died and gone to heaven.
okay maybe it wasn't that profound, but damn lunch was good,it was damn good.

All thanks to Mr.Bento and Ariel.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

by the light of the moon

this reminds me of maxfield parris, maybe it's the colors.

this reminds me of grant wood, if he was taking pictures out the window , in the middle of the night.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

who knew

I truly am a Capricorn!!
I wonder if all Caps score this way?

Your True Sign Is Capricorn

Ultra Competitive

what famous pinup are you?

i vaguely remember my Nana, once remarking i reminded her of Betty Grable.
Could this be a sign, or a little hello from my Nan.
You are Betty Grable

The ulitmate girl next door
You're the perfect girl for mostly anybody
Pretty yet approachable. Beautiful yet real.

Monday, January 02, 2006

forty three

happy birthday to me.
I decided to make myself cupcakes,
just like small tiny cakes, but bitesize, well a few bites and they are gone.
I made 24, not 43, I'd be eating cupcakes until next month.

i usually give myself a gift, this year i'm splurging on snowshoes.
if i can't leave the winter behind. I may as well enjoy it more fully.

last year I gave my self, a subsription to Heather Powazek Champ's Print Club. It was divine.
I recommend it highly.

why do i give myself a gift?
I guess it's a way to let myself know, how happy I am in my skin.
or perhaps I love getting gifts.

either's all good.
so happy birthday to me.