Friday, January 27, 2006

Mr. Bento

the power of the written word.
I blame Ariel, I read her blog.
I have since i looked at Derek's pictures about Burning Man, or maybe it was something he wrote about it. Of course I met him, through reading Heather's webpage, and well she's his wife.

But really it's about the influence of the written word, and my love of useful gadgets.
Mr.Bento is a lunch jar as opposed to a lunch pail, and frankly this isn't Little House in the Prairie, didn't Laura "halfpint" Ingalls always have a lunch pail?

I digress, so I read this great review,on Ariel's blog, about the useful nature of hanging out with Mr. Bento, and frankly I am sold. Plus I get into little containers, little containers that stack and hold food.
Hell I have died and gone to heaven.
okay maybe it wasn't that profound, but damn lunch was good,it was damn good.

All thanks to Mr.Bento and Ariel.


amanda said...

looks yummy tracy! i want one too and then we can go on a bento picnic....

Ariel said...

I live to serve! :)

amanda said...

think you might like this link flickr grl...