Monday, January 02, 2006

forty three

happy birthday to me.
I decided to make myself cupcakes,
just like small tiny cakes, but bitesize, well a few bites and they are gone.
I made 24, not 43, I'd be eating cupcakes until next month.

i usually give myself a gift, this year i'm splurging on snowshoes.
if i can't leave the winter behind. I may as well enjoy it more fully.

last year I gave my self, a subsription to Heather Powazek Champ's Print Club. It was divine.
I recommend it highly.

why do i give myself a gift?
I guess it's a way to let myself know, how happy I am in my skin.
or perhaps I love getting gifts.

either's all good.
so happy birthday to me.

1 comment:

drunkenlens said...

Happy Birthday! And that's a swell gift to give yourself. And wow, the colors, very striking, very cool that you went all out and did a rainbow of icings :-) Happy New Year and again, Happy Birthday.