Wednesday, April 29, 2009

grace in small things ::10/365

1.Enjoying the blooming magnolia blossoms, inside my house. My friend Deni has a beautiful magnolia bush, often when it's in bloom, she cuts of the lower bud filled branches, and shares.This year her son Sam, did the honors. thanks Sam

2. Sushi made with brown rice, omg!

3.Brownie bites from Whole Foods!

4.Listening to Rachel Maddow's podcasts, she's intelligent, and keeps me up to speed with what's going on with the world.

5. Thankful, I have a studio to go to and create prints. Right now I have a work in progress, not even close to a finished idea ...but getting definitely warming

Monday, April 27, 2009

grace in small things ::9/365

the breakfast edition.

1. Hot strong dark roast coffee, frothy with the perfect amount of milk.

2. The icons that jump up and down on my Mac's dock, relentlessly until I click on them.I pretend my computer has figured out the best way to get my attention, and it always makes me smile to be pestered by them.

3.Having a good morning read, on the interwebs.

4.Letting the cat in through the side window, now that the grill is back in place, and she can sit there, looking in and meow at me, until I do.

5. Perfect instant oatmeal, that's creamy warm, and a complete little boost to get you going on your day.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

grace in small things ::8/365

1.Soaking sweet pea seeds to plant in the morning.

2.Wearing shorts for the first time this year.

3.Having the weekend off, to enjoy the hot sunny weather.

4. Listening to the peepers fill the night air with their song.

5.Sitting around the fire tonight, enjoying the peepers, and the night air.

Friday, April 24, 2009

grace in small things ::7/365

1.An ice cold glass of Harpoon's IPA.

2.Sweeping all the winter grit off the porch,which is a win win. It's clean and I exercised!

3.Perfectly cooked pizza crust, the right amount of crunch,and flavor.

4.Finding a new rechargeable lithium battery, for my older Leica d-lux.

5.Parallel surfing the interwebs, with the hub.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

grace in small things ::6/365

1.A cup of hot genmaicha,such a subtle flavored tea,with the yummy note of toasted rice, to tie it up nicely.

2.Planting seeds for flowers this summer.

3.Listening to music on my laptop, while I type this.

4.Settling into a warm house as the afternoon, turns rainy cold.

5.Having asparagus for dinner, all buttery, and lemony divine.

Monday, April 20, 2009

grace in small things ::5/365

1.Planting seeds for lettuce, and scallions, and sugar snap peas today.

2.Looking forward to the rain to water, said seeds.

3.Napping with my cat posse,a cat on either side of my body,keeping me secure, as I slept.

4.Editing my daily 365 minute videos, even though I am 20 days behind!!

5.Pleased that my hair is long enough to put in little hair clips. and not looking like a total dork.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

grace in small things ::4/365

1.Attending my friend's art opening---->.

2. Listening to my favorite podcast, while inking a copper etching.

3.Having Friday off from work.

4.listening to the wind, blow by the building that the studio is in.

5. the sound of the plate cutter, as it cuts a piece of copper in half in a satisfying "chunk"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

grace in small things::3/365

1.Loose leaf tea.

2.Daffodils that are blooming.

3.Watching the Starlings, build their nest under the roof of our back porch.

4.Spending the day at the studio, creating, contemplating art, and eventually pulling prints.

5.Watching the dog roll in the grass, then straighten herself up, to properly soak up the sunshine.

Monday, April 13, 2009

grace in small things ::2/365

1.A sunny and breezy day to hang washed clothes in.

2.Planting seeds, for arugala, and a piquant salad mix.

3.Tarragon, that is poking it's little leaves, through the soil, to let me know it has survived the winter.

4.The nakedness of the trees right now, making it so much easier to see the crows, when they land.

5.My dog napping by following the sunny spot around the living room floor.

grace in small things ::1/365

1.Having my 10 year old neice, climb into my lap, so we can talk.

2.Boston Baked Beans- that have been cooked for days.

3.Red Tulips, that are blooming in my mudroom.

4.Our cat Ginger, who caught a mouse in the house, yesterday!

5.Easter Dinner , with the family, everyone was happy relaxed, and hungry, and it all was sooo good.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

100 pushups!

Now before you get too impressed with my hidden prowess, and silently envy me, take a deep breath, it's something I'm thinking of exploring with my flabby, but mostly healthy 46 year old body.
100 push ups is a program where you take a little push up test and see how many good form push-ups, you can do. It is safe to say that I am in the 0-5 bracket, does this disgust me, hardly, I didn't think I could do that many! I'm not such a weakling after all.From there you do push ups, for your work out. It stresses there should be a day of rest, between work out days. hey I like that concept, already.It also stresses working out only 3 days a week and take weekends off,I could agree to that.

Now when I took the test this morning, I did them, but boy It worked me, but I felt no pain, no sore muscles, so I thought cool. that was until tonight when I felt my biceps and triceps singing a little pain song to me, while I watched Antiques Roadshow. That's why they made Tylenol, and Arnica Montana, to ease the soreness.

I read about this from one of my facebook friends, yes that's right, I admit it, I have friends on facebook, and sometimes they even influence my life, a little.

Take a look yourself, it sounds pretty doable, you can do regular plank style push-ups, or modified knee bent push ups, so right there I'm not too fearful, as the modified bent knee ones will accomplish just as much, as the plank style, and who knows, maybe I'll graduate to that style, as I strengthen my body.

I am pretty sure I have written much about various ways I tried to commit to doing regular exercise, it's not like I don't know it's possible, but for some reason or another, after I have done a months worth,I begin to be a fair weather friend, I do it less and less, and then stop, and then flab out some more.

I recently came to the conclusion, that I won't be getting any younger!! so why the hell not. I'd liked to be a retired, active, Grammy someday, so maybe counting to 100 will insure that.Here goes nothing.