Monday, April 27, 2009

grace in small things ::9/365

the breakfast edition.

1. Hot strong dark roast coffee, frothy with the perfect amount of milk.

2. The icons that jump up and down on my Mac's dock, relentlessly until I click on them.I pretend my computer has figured out the best way to get my attention, and it always makes me smile to be pestered by them.

3.Having a good morning read, on the interwebs.

4.Letting the cat in through the side window, now that the grill is back in place, and she can sit there, looking in and meow at me, until I do.

5. Perfect instant oatmeal, that's creamy warm, and a complete little boost to get you going on your day.

1 comment:

~Sheryl said...

Hey Tracy,

My grace in small things is checking out your grace in small things.