Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009

grace in small things ::18/365

1.a perfectly ripe avocado, there's nothing like it, I prefer mine as simple as possible.There's is nothing that can compete with the smokey smoothness.

2.Summer, the warm weather, the blooming flowers, the great produce being grown locally.

3.Visiting my local grower of perennials, these plants are healthy, and grown for the zone we live in, and so inexpensive.

4.Learning from my experience as a gardener so far.My Gardens are pretty well established, I only buy what I can plant that day.

5.Homemade Chicken Parmigiana Sandwiches, real chicken, melted cheese, and tasty sauce, to go with.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

bra torture

day 330 size matters

With the advent of this hot and too humid weather, I've come to a few conclusions about bras and the fabric they are made from.
Bra makers of the world, make a good cotton bra. No, let me restate that make a frickin' great cotton bra, that lifts, supports, and does the things all great bras do.
I know you have all these smoothing, nylonly, spandexy, man made fibers at your fingertips to make a bazillion bras out of. But, it is those fibers, that make me feel like I am wearing a wool bra in the heat of summer. Frankly it's a deal breaker for me.
The other down fall for me, the hot sweaty glowing woman, is the Vice Grip principle, is there a reason my bra won't move on my body, just a little. Instead it sticks to me like an uncomfortable second skin? A second skin that needs to be peeled off.
Underwires, why do they need to end in my armpit, it makes the bra annoying, and uncomfortable, if i bend over, and I have an underwire poking into my armpits, at the same time,that can be a Deal breaker too. I understand it from a support point of view, but as an actually working theory, when I wear the bra, it's a "good bra" , "bad bra" scenario. It's a good bra that it supports the girls, it's a bad, very bad bra that it tries to poke a hole in my armpit.
Now what do I love about a cotton bra,they are comfortable even when you are sweating like a beast. It moves a little, so it supports, but doesn't attempt to squeeze the last breath out of me. And it washes easily, with my other cotton items, instead of having to be hand washed. When do you suppose I have time for that? Like never.
Now know that any other time of the year, when it's cooler, and not humid, I love those other bras, just as much as my cotton bras. Which interstingly enough,I can wear in hot or cooler, even cold weather.
And this is my last request, could you make your cotton bras in other colors besides, beige and white? I'd appreciate some color,please.
Thanks, and have a nice day.

Monday, July 27, 2009

meatless mondays

I was reading Organic Gardening this month, and it mentioned Meatless Mondays , as I read the paragraph, I realized what a good doable idea this is. Why, meatless you ask? Well, this could be a reason or two.
On Mondays it's just the two of us eating , and we are happy to have an omelet and toast, sometimes I add veg, or herbs to mine, and we have sausages.
It's mostly a meatless meal, except well for the sausages. But they make Veggie sausages, so that could make this very do-able. When I mentioned it to my husband, he rolled his eyes at me, and was like "no".At first I was going to become this Meatless Mondays cheerleader, and tell him how it's not only good for you, it's good for the environment, and well I know that reaction too, when I mention the word environment.So I took pause, and I let it go. I realized if I want to do this, I should, and there is room in the kitchen ,for the both of us.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

grace in small things ::17/365

I have been negligent with my grace in small things. Today I hope to get back to this on at more regular basis.

1.Home grown red raspberries.There is nothing like fresh picked berries, to pop in your mouth and sprinkle over cereal, or add to yogurt.

2.Hummingbirds,I think they may be more nosy that chipmunks. I love to hear the buzz of their wings , than look up to find one stopped in midair looking at me, looking at him.

3.Sunshine, it's amazing how many plants seem to grow overnight,when they get some sunlight. My smallish sunflowers, have gotten taller, and bigger!

4. Enjoying the anticipation, of my upcoming camping trip, I can't wait, I love looking forward to it.

5.Pulling together, some things to read, on said camping trip, it's a bit like finding presents, but not opening yet.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

camper capers

This is my small success story with stop motion movies.In iMovie, there is a default Ken Burns effect that makes anything stop motion look whack-a-doo, or it makes it look like I was drunk when I took it. I finally figured out how to stop the dreaded effect.

We are going camping this weekend, and we set the camper up before, so we can pack it, and make sure no mice have decided to inhabit it over the winter, make smelly messy nests. One year we opened the camper to this nest made out of a roll of paper towels, that we had left in the camper, in a word, it was GROSS!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

grace in small things::16/365

1.Farmer's markets. I really love the community feel, and all the great things to buy.

2. Local strawberries are the best, their juicy sweetness, their brilliant red juice that stains everything.

3.Local made ice cream, this same family is at two of the farmer's markets I frequent, the ice cream is fresh, made from ingredients you can pronounce,and it's delicious.

4.Local baked bread, there is a local bakery that sells loaves of wonderful bread.

5.A husband that cooks, and washes the windows, and curtains. I am always grateful for that.

Friday, May 22, 2009

grace in small things::15/365

1.the small swarm, of possible honeybees, in my potting shed.that had no interest me, as they were busy doing something, it was fascinating, and a little scary, in an exciting fun kind of way.

2.My newly planted asparagus bed. small tender spears, poking up through the soil.every row I planted, I have success.This will be a spectacular bed when mature.

3.My new raised bed, that is all rich soil, and no weeds!

4.The crispy sweetness of Ines Rosales, tortas de aciete. thin golden brown layers,covered in sugar, each bite filled with a sugary crunch and tender anise seeds.

5.the return of the barn toad. Every year we have a toad that hangs around the barn, and my flower gardens.I am glad they provide the perfect homebase for my toady friend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

grace in small things::14/365

1. Jack-in-the-pulpit, rich green, and purple,punctuating the woods.

2.the scent of etching inks, carded onto warmed copper.

3.A steady palm wipe, that adds another layer, to the print I am making.

4.Seedless red grapes that burst upon toothsome bite into sweet, tart and juicy.

5.Fresh Spearmint tea, and sharing it with my studio-mates.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

grace in small things::13/365

1.Working beside my husband and my son, filling the raised bed, that was built for me, for Mother's Day.

2.Planting the Asparagus crowns, I bought this morning, marveling on how this bunch of roots , are going to be future dinners for me and my family.

3.Using compost I made myself, to put in said Asparagus bed, to feed and nourish, those growing spears.

4.Thankful for a sunny and breezy day, to plant, there were no bugs!

5.Thankful that I can prepare an asparagus bed.I can still turn sod, pick rocks and weeds,and plant 3 rows of asparagus.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

grace in small things::12/365

1. Asparagus-cooked simply, and eaten with your fingers.

2. Rain storms in the spring, with quiet flashes of lightening.

3. Finding a fool proof method, to make chicken cutlets, that is quick,and delicious.

4. Listening to a Barred owl, calling out into the night.

5.Loving that my son drives us to the movies, and knows a quicker way to get there.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

grace in small things::11/365

1. My sister's cat Megs, who came to live with us many years ago. She's a sweet purring poof of soft fur, who outsizes the younger cat, but who is timid and shy, and purrs as loud as an outboard motor.

2.the View from my upstairs window,on all sides there are something to see, and sigh and feel grateful for and enjoy.

3.My first prints, which are rudimentary at best , but so vital, in teaching myself about being an artist.

4. Walking barefoot, on the fuzzy bathroom rugs, thick in pile, and deep blue in color, and so soft on my feet.

5.Clouds, I love them.

love in this club.

Seriously, this music is righteous, and will make you smile unbelievably HUGE!

hit play, Now!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

grace in small things ::10/365

1.Enjoying the blooming magnolia blossoms, inside my house. My friend Deni has a beautiful magnolia bush, often when it's in bloom, she cuts of the lower bud filled branches, and shares.This year her son Sam, did the honors. thanks Sam

2. Sushi made with brown rice, omg!

3.Brownie bites from Whole Foods!

4.Listening to Rachel Maddow's podcasts, she's intelligent, and keeps me up to speed with what's going on with the world.

5. Thankful, I have a studio to go to and create prints. Right now I have a work in progress, not even close to a finished idea ...but getting definitely warming

Monday, April 27, 2009

grace in small things ::9/365

the breakfast edition.

1. Hot strong dark roast coffee, frothy with the perfect amount of milk.

2. The icons that jump up and down on my Mac's dock, relentlessly until I click on them.I pretend my computer has figured out the best way to get my attention, and it always makes me smile to be pestered by them.

3.Having a good morning read, on the interwebs.

4.Letting the cat in through the side window, now that the grill is back in place, and she can sit there, looking in and meow at me, until I do.

5. Perfect instant oatmeal, that's creamy warm, and a complete little boost to get you going on your day.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

grace in small things ::8/365

1.Soaking sweet pea seeds to plant in the morning.

2.Wearing shorts for the first time this year.

3.Having the weekend off, to enjoy the hot sunny weather.

4. Listening to the peepers fill the night air with their song.

5.Sitting around the fire tonight, enjoying the peepers, and the night air.

Friday, April 24, 2009

grace in small things ::7/365

1.An ice cold glass of Harpoon's IPA.

2.Sweeping all the winter grit off the porch,which is a win win. It's clean and I exercised!

3.Perfectly cooked pizza crust, the right amount of crunch,and flavor.

4.Finding a new rechargeable lithium battery, for my older Leica d-lux.

5.Parallel surfing the interwebs, with the hub.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

grace in small things ::6/365

1.A cup of hot genmaicha,such a subtle flavored tea,with the yummy note of toasted rice, to tie it up nicely.

2.Planting seeds for flowers this summer.

3.Listening to music on my laptop, while I type this.

4.Settling into a warm house as the afternoon, turns rainy cold.

5.Having asparagus for dinner, all buttery, and lemony divine.

Monday, April 20, 2009

grace in small things ::5/365

1.Planting seeds for lettuce, and scallions, and sugar snap peas today.

2.Looking forward to the rain to water, said seeds.

3.Napping with my cat posse,a cat on either side of my body,keeping me secure, as I slept.

4.Editing my daily 365 minute videos, even though I am 20 days behind!!

5.Pleased that my hair is long enough to put in little hair clips. and not looking like a total dork.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

grace in small things ::4/365

1.Attending my friend's art opening---->.

2. Listening to my favorite podcast, while inking a copper etching.

3.Having Friday off from work.

4.listening to the wind, blow by the building that the studio is in.

5. the sound of the plate cutter, as it cuts a piece of copper in half in a satisfying "chunk"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

grace in small things::3/365

1.Loose leaf tea.

2.Daffodils that are blooming.

3.Watching the Starlings, build their nest under the roof of our back porch.

4.Spending the day at the studio, creating, contemplating art, and eventually pulling prints.

5.Watching the dog roll in the grass, then straighten herself up, to properly soak up the sunshine.

Monday, April 13, 2009

grace in small things ::2/365

1.A sunny and breezy day to hang washed clothes in.

2.Planting seeds, for arugala, and a piquant salad mix.

3.Tarragon, that is poking it's little leaves, through the soil, to let me know it has survived the winter.

4.The nakedness of the trees right now, making it so much easier to see the crows, when they land.

5.My dog napping by following the sunny spot around the living room floor.

grace in small things ::1/365

1.Having my 10 year old neice, climb into my lap, so we can talk.

2.Boston Baked Beans- that have been cooked for days.

3.Red Tulips, that are blooming in my mudroom.

4.Our cat Ginger, who caught a mouse in the house, yesterday!

5.Easter Dinner , with the family, everyone was happy relaxed, and hungry, and it all was sooo good.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

100 pushups!

Now before you get too impressed with my hidden prowess, and silently envy me, take a deep breath, it's something I'm thinking of exploring with my flabby, but mostly healthy 46 year old body.
100 push ups is a program where you take a little push up test and see how many good form push-ups, you can do. It is safe to say that I am in the 0-5 bracket, does this disgust me, hardly, I didn't think I could do that many! I'm not such a weakling after all.From there you do push ups, for your work out. It stresses there should be a day of rest, between work out days. hey I like that concept, already.It also stresses working out only 3 days a week and take weekends off,I could agree to that.

Now when I took the test this morning, I did them, but boy It worked me, but I felt no pain, no sore muscles, so I thought cool. that was until tonight when I felt my biceps and triceps singing a little pain song to me, while I watched Antiques Roadshow. That's why they made Tylenol, and Arnica Montana, to ease the soreness.

I read about this from one of my facebook friends, yes that's right, I admit it, I have friends on facebook, and sometimes they even influence my life, a little.

Take a look yourself, it sounds pretty doable, you can do regular plank style push-ups, or modified knee bent push ups, so right there I'm not too fearful, as the modified bent knee ones will accomplish just as much, as the plank style, and who knows, maybe I'll graduate to that style, as I strengthen my body.

I am pretty sure I have written much about various ways I tried to commit to doing regular exercise, it's not like I don't know it's possible, but for some reason or another, after I have done a months worth,I begin to be a fair weather friend, I do it less and less, and then stop, and then flab out some more.

I recently came to the conclusion, that I won't be getting any younger!! so why the hell not. I'd liked to be a retired, active, Grammy someday, so maybe counting to 100 will insure that.Here goes nothing.

Monday, March 23, 2009

the windy city

This year the Southern Graphic Council Conference is going to be in Chicago, I've never been there, and I'm looking forward to it.
To see all these printmakers in one place,will be amazing.I'm looking forward to listening to Kathan Brown, from Crown Point Press. She has written many wonderful books about printmaking, one that I am especially fond of called "Ink,Paper,Metal,Wood", it recounts her different experiences with different artists. It's not a name dropping kind of book, it instead, is written as genuine respect and admiration, for the artist that have joined her there.It's a very inspiring read, and reason to explore printmaking.
Along with something wonderful like that is, the other things I'd like to see in Chicago, "the bean" at Millennium Park, I am looking forward to seeing the Art Institute, and trying some deep dish pizza.

My only hesitation, is that it's the end of March, the weather could be much like here, coldish, possible rain and snow!!!, so now I think of what to pack, thin, but warm layers, I have a great wool pea coat, that'll keep me warm, but now the possibility of snow, poses the shoe challenge. Luckily, I own lots of wool socks, and a pair of black work boots, I was hoping to bring only one pair of shoes, these great Asics I recently purchased. These are dream sneakers, they came out of the box, went on to my feet, no breaking in period. they were comfortable from step one.But sneakers and pssible snow...brrr. That may change depending on the weather, and I'll throw a hat in my suitcase too, but that will hardly take up any room.I figure I'll just be aware of the upcoming weather and dress accordingly, I live in New England after all, and our weather changes, one minute from the next,I'll just plan on packing smart.

Friday, March 13, 2009

the hairy post

today I got my hair cut, it's been over 4 months, it was longish, and not making me crazy, and I thought hey, I'll give this a shot, I kind of like it.
So my idea was to get in between the short short cuts I used to get and this long overgrown hair I have now. I went to a new stylist and frankly, my expectations were high, i love that she lives across the street, I can walk

She asked me what I wanted, I told her I thought what I'd like, I like the length, but I knew it needed to be styled, and well she agreed, and started saying long in the back(yes!!) shape up the bulk in the back (well okay)and then make it wash and go (YES!) and then she said something but some height on the top (umm okay), and then her scissors went cutting and there was a lot of hair falling, kind of sickeningly in slow motion, and then I looked up and well gulp... my hair was short, like wtf short!!!

I looked in the mirror,I smiled in shock and paid, and left...noticing, it's still winter, and now I would need to wear earmuffs, as my ears were exposed, and chilly...brrr.
Now I was home to process, and I went from pissed, to crying out loud, freaking maybe I am losing it, I never before have cried over cut hair, maybe I was due. Whatever I was not liking it, so I continued to rant out loud occasionally noticing my dog's look of concern.Finally ,I got over my big bad self, and realized that my hair will grow, and well she did give me a really great cut. So now I'll just buy some cute earmuffs.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

grocery store observations

This came to me while I was shopping for groceries today.It's one of those mundane tasks, that you have to do whether you want to or not.
I especially like to observe couples that shop together, basically I see this with straight couples, gay couples seem to be able to get that whole concept of divide and conquer. Whereas straight couple either actively shop together and split the work load, or they, don't. If they don't then it's mostly the man pushing the carriage, looking like an impostor, feeling a little out of place, or scared. You'll often find them standing there gripping the carriage, in a quiet aisle, while their loved one is off hunting and gathering. I find it curious behavior, as to why he can't continue on in the maze of the store, putting things in the carriage,maybe these couples aren't list shoppers,so he has no clue, what kind of cereal he eats, or chips he likes to snack on, or even what kind of toilet paper he likes to use. It's a little sad, and well a little annoying.
I also love to see the woman's gentle redirection of the cart,it's done silently, and by hand.We know that shopping aisles are like streets, that have two sides, you need to get on one side of the other, middle of the aisle shopping is for straight men, and permissive parents, who feel it's okay to let their kids push those huge car carriages down the middle of the aisle, because well the child can't see over the car part of the carriage, and so they stay in the middle, to avoid bumping into things, which keeps the parent lectures to minimum, and leaves them in peace, to push the carriage, as slow as they want.
This sometimes impresses and again annoys me depending on how much of a hurry I am in.
The other thing that has always impressed me , is the ability of kids to stare, directly at you, not even shyly looking away, if you look back at them.I always hope a little that this skill will carry this child to adulthood, where they will continue to make direct eye contact, instead of looking away.
My last observation,for now whatever happened to just politely saying excuse me, when someone is blocking your way in the aisle, or in front of your item you want to get to. I frankly get annoyed by people, who will just stand there passively, waiting for me to get out of their way, just say "excuse me", and I'll move, I'm not a mind reader, and I won't turn to a pillar of salt if you ask me, I'll just move , and not think another thing about it.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

pear shaped

I have never gone through my life doing things effortlessly, or smoothly.I've dealt with that kind of life rebuttal in many ways. I'm sure anger was one way, or emotional eating was another, but as I get older, I realize, that I don't or try not to let these weird events bother me very much. A kind of "there's no use crying over spilt milk", because well it's spilt,and god knows what was on the floor,so shush and get yourself another glass, and move on with your life.

Thursday I received my first Mac book, it was exciting but I had to work, plus I needed to update some things on it,so I really didn't have time to play much with it. Friday I did I discovered, my mac book pro doesn't recognize its' battery, huh!?!?
So this portable device , now becomes something that I have to anchor to a plug.
All in the name of saving a few hundred dollars$500to be exact,I bought it from a 3rd party vendor. A really reliable one , instead of itself.So I should just call them and that will be that, except well they are an Orthodox Jewish run company, and are closed on Saturdays!

So my solution to my battery problem, is delayed.

My son and I search their website, and discover that a battery problem, does exist, and we should just be able to download the solution, but wait my little mac book pro says "I don't need no stinking update," when actually I do.

So another avenue of solution is blocked, wtf?!?!

So I can't call the third party vendor, but I can call, for support and I do, and a nice young man named Jason , I'm sure he's younger because, well everybody seems to be younger then me, but anyway.He helps me, or well tries too,I give him serial numbers, which tells him my Mac is a 6 month old Mac!! I tell him I just bought it this week, he notes that down,I remove the battery I reset the Mac, and it still has no battery,as far as it's concerned...bah!

I get a case number, and my phone support from Jason ends, he suggests that I register my Apple Care plan online later on, as that would be helpful for myself.

I do that very thing the next day, or well try to, because well as far as apple is concerned, by the serial numbers that I give I'm no longer eligible! oy vey!

I am counting my blessings that tomorrow is Sunday, and hopefully a solution.
I guess I would be more upset if it didn't work at all but it does, and well. I will solve this problem, but in a leisurely relaxed way, whether I want to or not, dammit!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

bird rescue, 2

Last fall I rescued this bird out of my potting shed, I know because I had my magenta hooded gloves on, it was a crazy gift, from the universe, and made me smile big.

Today as I let the the dog, and then the cat out, I saw this crumpled little shape of a bird, It looked maybe injured, or maybe my cat Ginger, had caught it, but no she didn't give this little feathered shape a second look, neither did the dog, so I had to investigate.
On went the boots,my wool V-neck, and my bird rescuing gloves, as I stepped out I noticed a little movement, but not really. I was afraid, maybe the birdie, had flown into our big window in the mud room, maybe it's neck was broken. Gingerly I picked up this soft little form that just barely filled the palm of my soft gloved hand, I clasped my other hand over, this little feathered mass, which didn't try to fly away, it didn't move much except for breathing, and occasionally blinking. I could feel her heart beating, as I now recognize, this soft colored bird, as a female goldfinch.
She is gripping my finger with her feet, so I think that has to be a good sign. Now I begin to think maybe my little bird friend is suffering from hypothermia, it is only 21 degrees F, and I did find her in the shade.
So I hold her nestled in my gloved hands, for a while, long enough to consider, if it's "smart to be outside, in my flannel pajama bottoms?", "should I go get my camera,and take a picture of this?" I tell you the pattern of small feathers across her head were to "die for", the detail awesome, it helped me ignore the cold.

I held her long enough to consider getting a small box, and bringing her in maybe she's not going to get more alert, about that time I thought that, I felt her little heartbeat, stronger. She began to blink and focus her little dark eyes, her body tensed, she began to move, I moved too, opening my hand, making that magenta glove that held her , more of a point to take off, then a warm furry nest.
Then time stopped briefly, for she stood, paused a beat or two ,then spread her wings. and flew off.

And yes, I thanked the powers that be, for this morning's gift.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

I think often, I'm better at the visuals then the written word.