Wednesday, July 29, 2009

bra torture

day 330 size matters

With the advent of this hot and too humid weather, I've come to a few conclusions about bras and the fabric they are made from.
Bra makers of the world, make a good cotton bra. No, let me restate that make a frickin' great cotton bra, that lifts, supports, and does the things all great bras do.
I know you have all these smoothing, nylonly, spandexy, man made fibers at your fingertips to make a bazillion bras out of. But, it is those fibers, that make me feel like I am wearing a wool bra in the heat of summer. Frankly it's a deal breaker for me.
The other down fall for me, the hot sweaty glowing woman, is the Vice Grip principle, is there a reason my bra won't move on my body, just a little. Instead it sticks to me like an uncomfortable second skin? A second skin that needs to be peeled off.
Underwires, why do they need to end in my armpit, it makes the bra annoying, and uncomfortable, if i bend over, and I have an underwire poking into my armpits, at the same time,that can be a Deal breaker too. I understand it from a support point of view, but as an actually working theory, when I wear the bra, it's a "good bra" , "bad bra" scenario. It's a good bra that it supports the girls, it's a bad, very bad bra that it tries to poke a hole in my armpit.
Now what do I love about a cotton bra,they are comfortable even when you are sweating like a beast. It moves a little, so it supports, but doesn't attempt to squeeze the last breath out of me. And it washes easily, with my other cotton items, instead of having to be hand washed. When do you suppose I have time for that? Like never.
Now know that any other time of the year, when it's cooler, and not humid, I love those other bras, just as much as my cotton bras. Which interstingly enough,I can wear in hot or cooler, even cold weather.
And this is my last request, could you make your cotton bras in other colors besides, beige and white? I'd appreciate some color,please.
Thanks, and have a nice day.


Joy! said...

There *used* to be a great source for cotton bras called Travis Place. They might still be out there.

Ha, found 'em. :)

Tracy said...

that's too funny, I used to order from travis place. :)

Sandy's Notes said...

You are definately a riot. I need to give you the award for the coolest and most daring blogger I know. Thanks for posting this, I couldn't agree more!