Saturday, July 25, 2009

grace in small things ::17/365

I have been negligent with my grace in small things. Today I hope to get back to this on at more regular basis.

1.Home grown red raspberries.There is nothing like fresh picked berries, to pop in your mouth and sprinkle over cereal, or add to yogurt.

2.Hummingbirds,I think they may be more nosy that chipmunks. I love to hear the buzz of their wings , than look up to find one stopped in midair looking at me, looking at him.

3.Sunshine, it's amazing how many plants seem to grow overnight,when they get some sunlight. My smallish sunflowers, have gotten taller, and bigger!

4. Enjoying the anticipation, of my upcoming camping trip, I can't wait, I love looking forward to it.

5.Pulling together, some things to read, on said camping trip, it's a bit like finding presents, but not opening yet.

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