Tuesday, March 28, 2006


at night
i love
the quiet hum
of sleeping upstairs dreamers
drifting along.
among hushed laughs and murmurs

the dog's
shushing small snores
curled in her chair
dreaming of marrow bones.

slow rhythmic breaths
of the cat wrapped
round herself fast asleep

i watch over them
relaxed and safe
blanketed warm
beneath the night.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Self doubts as an artist, wondering if this is for real.
am I an artist, if I'm not passionate, am I quietly passionate? Do I need to be a suffering artist,or can I be giddy with excitement, because I'm an artist!

or should I just relax, and let the process be. Learning and continuing to grow.

sometimes I feel like such a poseur. I can do the techniques, but does it matter,if I feel unsure of what I am creating.

then I think, you have this golden opportunity,this lovely supportive community and you feel like running, because that's what you always do, you can't commit, so you don't, and little by little, you stop coming, and then just stop.


it felt good to express my fears at the studio and have everyone, share there little freak out stories.(you mean I'm not alone)(duh)
the other good thing was getting some validation, that I do know what I am doing.
I am a good printmaker.(damn it!)

knowing soon I will be calm again, and feel like less of a poseur, and more like the artist I am.

(I hope)

Monday, March 20, 2006

the first day of spring

So It's March 20th and Spring is here.
Well actually winter is dragging it's feet a little, as it's 26 degrees.
I'm still waiting to plant my sweet peas.Which i try to do as close to St. Patrick's Day as possible, but the ground is still frozen.
I have seen many robins, and the blackbirds are coming back filling the trees
with their silouettes and their loud caws,and the daffodils are poking their green shoots through the pale anemic leaves.
But it's still cold, damn it.
The other concerning thing is the lack of snow(water) we've had this year. I've heard many a person, breathe a sigh of relief about it, but come June when our lawns are brown and the flowers, somewhat lack luster, due to this mild winter.It won't be so wonderful.

So fingers crossed to Spring showers, for the mud and flowers that will follow.