Monday, March 20, 2006

the first day of spring

So It's March 20th and Spring is here.
Well actually winter is dragging it's feet a little, as it's 26 degrees.
I'm still waiting to plant my sweet peas.Which i try to do as close to St. Patrick's Day as possible, but the ground is still frozen.
I have seen many robins, and the blackbirds are coming back filling the trees
with their silouettes and their loud caws,and the daffodils are poking their green shoots through the pale anemic leaves.
But it's still cold, damn it.
The other concerning thing is the lack of snow(water) we've had this year. I've heard many a person, breathe a sigh of relief about it, but come June when our lawns are brown and the flowers, somewhat lack luster, due to this mild winter.It won't be so wonderful.

So fingers crossed to Spring showers, for the mud and flowers that will follow.

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