Monday, February 13, 2006

nor'ester or is it a blizzard

I think yesterdays storm , was evident of how excited , we in New England get over storms. Granted it's been a pale anemic winter, with not alot of snow.
finally the atmosphere is right for a nor'easter, thank gawd!
and local news reported on it.... Over and over and over again. There was discussion at great length, at whether we had made the criteria for a blizzard.
or just a lowly snow storm.
whatever it came to be, it was blowing and snowing. There were birds on the trees, their chest feathers puffed out, taking runs to the bird feeders. The snow came fast and covered over everything brown or pale green, the ugly bare lawns were blanketed with thick beautiful snow.
all the cats were inside, sleeping. The dog went out briefly, but quickly returned.
the temperature dropped from 28 degrees to 16, as the low pulled in the cold air.
and everyone for the most part stayed home, a car here and there, but mostly the roads were empty.
There is something to be said for having no where to go, during a snow storm that just is cozy and safe feeling it make me feeling like cooking, what better time to sit and watch the Olympics,to warm the house while dinner cooks, and relax, it make you take a time out, and breathe and watch the snow fall.

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