Friday, May 22, 2009

grace in small things::15/365

1.the small swarm, of possible honeybees, in my potting shed.that had no interest me, as they were busy doing something, it was fascinating, and a little scary, in an exciting fun kind of way.

2.My newly planted asparagus bed. small tender spears, poking up through the soil.every row I planted, I have success.This will be a spectacular bed when mature.

3.My new raised bed, that is all rich soil, and no weeds!

4.The crispy sweetness of Ines Rosales, tortas de aciete. thin golden brown layers,covered in sugar, each bite filled with a sugary crunch and tender anise seeds.

5.the return of the barn toad. Every year we have a toad that hangs around the barn, and my flower gardens.I am glad they provide the perfect homebase for my toady friend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

grace in small things::14/365

1. Jack-in-the-pulpit, rich green, and purple,punctuating the woods.

2.the scent of etching inks, carded onto warmed copper.

3.A steady palm wipe, that adds another layer, to the print I am making.

4.Seedless red grapes that burst upon toothsome bite into sweet, tart and juicy.

5.Fresh Spearmint tea, and sharing it with my studio-mates.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

grace in small things::13/365

1.Working beside my husband and my son, filling the raised bed, that was built for me, for Mother's Day.

2.Planting the Asparagus crowns, I bought this morning, marveling on how this bunch of roots , are going to be future dinners for me and my family.

3.Using compost I made myself, to put in said Asparagus bed, to feed and nourish, those growing spears.

4.Thankful for a sunny and breezy day, to plant, there were no bugs!

5.Thankful that I can prepare an asparagus bed.I can still turn sod, pick rocks and weeds,and plant 3 rows of asparagus.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

grace in small things::12/365

1. Asparagus-cooked simply, and eaten with your fingers.

2. Rain storms in the spring, with quiet flashes of lightening.

3. Finding a fool proof method, to make chicken cutlets, that is quick,and delicious.

4. Listening to a Barred owl, calling out into the night.

5.Loving that my son drives us to the movies, and knows a quicker way to get there.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

grace in small things::11/365

1. My sister's cat Megs, who came to live with us many years ago. She's a sweet purring poof of soft fur, who outsizes the younger cat, but who is timid and shy, and purrs as loud as an outboard motor.

2.the View from my upstairs window,on all sides there are something to see, and sigh and feel grateful for and enjoy.

3.My first prints, which are rudimentary at best , but so vital, in teaching myself about being an artist.

4. Walking barefoot, on the fuzzy bathroom rugs, thick in pile, and deep blue in color, and so soft on my feet.

5.Clouds, I love them.

love in this club.

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