Friday, May 22, 2009

grace in small things::15/365

1.the small swarm, of possible honeybees, in my potting shed.that had no interest me, as they were busy doing something, it was fascinating, and a little scary, in an exciting fun kind of way.

2.My newly planted asparagus bed. small tender spears, poking up through the soil.every row I planted, I have success.This will be a spectacular bed when mature.

3.My new raised bed, that is all rich soil, and no weeds!

4.The crispy sweetness of Ines Rosales, tortas de aciete. thin golden brown layers,covered in sugar, each bite filled with a sugary crunch and tender anise seeds.

5.the return of the barn toad. Every year we have a toad that hangs around the barn, and my flower gardens.I am glad they provide the perfect homebase for my toady friend.


Michael said...

Whoaaa!* The torta de aceite sounds fabulous - I'm a big fan of anise in all its forms... Have to look for these...

*to quote the prophet Keanu

~Sheryl said...

Where are you my friend? I miss your grace in small things.