Thursday, January 29, 2009

bird rescue, 2

Last fall I rescued this bird out of my potting shed, I know because I had my magenta hooded gloves on, it was a crazy gift, from the universe, and made me smile big.

Today as I let the the dog, and then the cat out, I saw this crumpled little shape of a bird, It looked maybe injured, or maybe my cat Ginger, had caught it, but no she didn't give this little feathered shape a second look, neither did the dog, so I had to investigate.
On went the boots,my wool V-neck, and my bird rescuing gloves, as I stepped out I noticed a little movement, but not really. I was afraid, maybe the birdie, had flown into our big window in the mud room, maybe it's neck was broken. Gingerly I picked up this soft little form that just barely filled the palm of my soft gloved hand, I clasped my other hand over, this little feathered mass, which didn't try to fly away, it didn't move much except for breathing, and occasionally blinking. I could feel her heart beating, as I now recognize, this soft colored bird, as a female goldfinch.
She is gripping my finger with her feet, so I think that has to be a good sign. Now I begin to think maybe my little bird friend is suffering from hypothermia, it is only 21 degrees F, and I did find her in the shade.
So I hold her nestled in my gloved hands, for a while, long enough to consider, if it's "smart to be outside, in my flannel pajama bottoms?", "should I go get my camera,and take a picture of this?" I tell you the pattern of small feathers across her head were to "die for", the detail awesome, it helped me ignore the cold.

I held her long enough to consider getting a small box, and bringing her in maybe she's not going to get more alert, about that time I thought that, I felt her little heartbeat, stronger. She began to blink and focus her little dark eyes, her body tensed, she began to move, I moved too, opening my hand, making that magenta glove that held her , more of a point to take off, then a warm furry nest.
Then time stopped briefly, for she stood, paused a beat or two ,then spread her wings. and flew off.

And yes, I thanked the powers that be, for this morning's gift.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

I think often, I'm better at the visuals then the written word.