Tuesday, April 06, 2010

grace in small things ::19/365

1.A dear friend that lets you lay your head in her lap and cry, while rubbing your back.

2.An i Pod filled with loud music,to drown out unnecessary mind noise, so I can focus.

3.Rolling a brayer slowly across a rich silky ink slab, of black.

4.The ability that strong round of sun salutation can have on a questioning mind.

5.The purring company of one small cat.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

the snowshoe diaries:continue

So another day of snowshoeing ends, and this is what I discovered. It is easier to sweat like a beast during the winter, no one looks worried at you,and also because the dog doesn't care.She understands the panting, she thinks I'm cooling myself off.

I've started to use my husband's ski poles, and I'll have to say it's been a nice addition, to what I am doing. They are there when I need to dig in, as I'm climbing up a hill, and are great for an impromptu calf stretch, plus it's another way to get my heart pumping.

I'd like to say , I've moved out of the panting,"oh my gawd, I'm so out of shape" mode but I haven't , though I know it's coming, I'm being impatient. I should probably concentrate more on that's a good thing, that I'm doing right now, instead what will be.

I read this little blurb on snowshoeing from easternslopes.com, it was helpful, and as you look deeper into the blog, there is more on advanced snowshoeing. I wouldn't call what I am doing advanced, but I'm a little more than a beginner.

So if I was to make a snowshoe 101, entry it would mention these things;
1. wear layers, easily opened ones, or ones that breathe,and keep you warm even if they get damp or snow covered.
2.Have a hat with you or earmuffs, a frostbitten ear is never sexy.
3. I would suggest gaiters, to keep the snow off the back of your calves, but since I have well rounded, don't fit into regular gaiters, type of calves, go back to suggestion number 1.
4. Used ski poles, they add another depth to the cardiovascular work out you are getting from snowshoeing, plus they make an impromptu tripod, if you have your camera with you, and you can use them to lean into to stretch after your walk.

oh and the last thing, get up and just do it.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

the snowshoe diaries

when you google the term "shoe diaries", you get many different colors,pink,red and black but no snowshoe diaries. I'm not going to change the name of my blog, but for the winter, or at least whiles we have snow, I'm going to go on about snowshoeing, and how it will possibly change me from a flabby,out of shape, forty seven year woman, to a maybe less flabby, but better in shape 47 year old woman.

So let's get this show on the road.