Monday, November 24, 2008

oh the places you'll go

Another visit to museums, for Zack's art appreciation class.

come take a look

I feel lucky , to have figured out, what really attracts my eye, as an artist, it's definitely the patterns in thing, those lovely repetitive colors or shapes, and if they occur around me even better.
I'm thankful, that I looked at it I didn't pass over any object, no matter how mundane. I found my pattern to look at, no matter where it occurred.

If you have never viewed anything on a PictoBrowser, you just click on the image to advance it, or rest your mouse in the bottom edge of the browser, and a thumbnail scrim will pop up.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

bird rescue

I'm not exactly sure how a little bird, got into my potting shed, but it did.

I keep the birdseed in there, in two old playmate coolers, they are perfect containers, they are mouse proof, and keep the seed fresh and dry, they also have great handles, when I need to fill the bird feeders, I can take them with me.

I walked into my potting shed to do that very thing, fill the feeders. I heard this fluttery noise, then I spotted a little slate colored junco, flapping against the windows. I thought for a minute how to get him out, I opened the barn door wide, and considered shooing him out, but then I thought that would just scare the poor little birdie,or drive him deeper in the corner of my potting shed.Slowly I reached my soft gloved hands toward him, caught him and cradled him in my hands, feeling his warm little body nestled in my gloves. I stepped outside, slowly opening my hands, where he sat for a second, then picked up off of them, rising up and flying away.

It made me feel happy, like I had received a little gift.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

the B word

That's right, I'm going to type it, Bra!
There is something to being forty something, that gives me a new appreciation of the need to wear a bra.A proper fitting bra. Even Tim Gunn, says the foundation of a woman's wardrobe, is a proper fitting undergarment.

Before gravity, or weight gain, or lactation, changed and modified my girls into something other that what I expected,I began as a small breasted, almost flat chest young woman, and grew into a more well endowed, cross your heart type of bra Woman!
I used to be able to get away with tank tops, or camisoles, and even a sports bras, but then I began to notice, that these undergarmets of my youth didn't really cut it.As gravity will have her way with your body I noticed my breasts decided they were very enamored with where my feet are, decided they should head in that direction. At first I ignored this, until one day looking in the mirror, I realized those wayward sinking bumps on my boobie horizon, were my nipples, and how in the hell, did they get there, and why? Was my body paying a cruel trick on me, or did I just need a bra. oh the betrayal!

So online I went ,and bras I bought, sometimes successful, sometimes not at all. I figured if the bras I wore without trying on, didn't fit me well, it was a waste of my time to go to a store where a bra lady would help me, find my right size, because there is no right size with me.Part of my reluctance was that I believed I didn't have the right body shape for a bra, I had sloped shoulders that's why, my straps never stayed up, I decided I was a size I really wasn't, and wore mostly bras that didn't fit right.

Until a dear friend clued me in to my delusions, the error of my thickheaded ways, she told me to to run, not walk, to go to Lady Grace, and I did reluctantly.There I met Stephanie,a very nice sales consultant, she did what all bra ladies do, they measure, and have you try on, and they adjust your wayward girls in the bra, what a concept! . Her assistance was non judgmental,gentle and told me most women wear the wrong bra size until they get fitted for the right one!!She turned me around, helped me see the light, and buy the right size
It was amazing to wear a bra that fit right, there was no pinch, no slipping strap, and the girls were looking up again. I actually enjoyed wearing a bra, because here's the shocker, it felt good!!

So If you've always believed you were a bra misfit, because you weren't the right shape,it isn't true sister, you just need to go get measured, and you will see how great your shape actually is.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

working title

Over the last 3 years, I have participated in some type of attempt at daily self portraiture.I began in 365 days, here the main focus was a daily picture, which at the time was a struggle, I have insecurities or had insecurities about how I looked, I got over that, and rarely cringe at photos of myself, there are times , more then not, that I enjoyed and found it to be very empowering. my attempts at year 2 , really were that attempts, I just really had been there done that before, and for me, it wasn't creative, it was more of an annoyance, and that's silly, to continue with something you don't really feel.

This spring flickr introduced video, which I thought cool, but it really doesn't apply to me. I never did videos of myself,i couldn't imagine it. Then I received my first invite to a group called "just say no, to video" and frankly I was intrigued, as to why I should say no.. So I started to do videos, and well It was exciting and creative, and huge eye opener.

If I thought I might balk at still images of myself, there are body angles,and chin doubling, you just can't hide in full motion video,so you either grimace, or get over your big bad self.

In July I joined 365 minutes,at Ipernity. A groups started by two friends from the original 365 days.
At first, months before I started I felt intimidated,by what others were creating and then in July I got over myself and I jumped in.Though it makes me grimace to admit I have a less the firm chin,or belly or anything, that also the beauty of it, it's gone in a flash erased, by another action, or music, or image I am portraying. It's an honest views of my life, of me, of my need to be a poseur video rock star wannabe, sometimes, but mostly they are real, and fairly mundane.
What will I do next July,when I finish, well i guess I will decide that in July.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the big love post

So this post isn't about the HBO series, but about how you love your family. They make you feel huge amounts of pride, even when they do the simplest things.

This video was taken on my ride home from my Open Studio weekend,my son, his girlfriend, and her friend, were great about helping out.
There is something for me , when your riding in a car filled with family, and friends, that just is cozy, and gives me the warm fuzzies. Come take a ride, won't you.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I have been a print maker, steady for the last 6 years. Over the last year and a half i have done strictly relief,linoleum block, wood cut. I've pulled prints, full of line and form. I am mostly a representational artist, but I have begun to revisit my love of pattern and color. Before that I used to switch back and forth between etching and relief printmaking,then I decided in the Autumn of 2007, to just strictly do relief.

I didn't suddenly hate etching, I just wanted to focus, on one thing, at that time I figured I would switch back and forth on a yearly basis. When I came back in September to the studio, I thought alot about , How now it was 2008, and I should be doing etching, but I didn't really feel like switching, which frankly had my little obsessive mind worried,maybe I just didn't have any skill at etching , where I had skills at relief printmaking, and then some, maybe that's why I didn't want to switch. Then thankfully my inner wisdom, took hold of me and game me a shake, and said "there could be worse things, are you really questioning whether you should continue doing a type of printmaking that you are really good at?"
Yes it's true, I can be that insecure about my art. So I took a deep breath, and realized I'm the one setting the schedule here, so it was up to me to choose. I chose to continue on with the relief.

Well that was until I joined in the soft ground practicum, where we experimented with soft grounds, and it was great, wiping a copperplate, came back to me, with ease, phew! It made me want to take a little break from doing relief printmaking, and concentrate on etching.
Recently a artist friend and I decided to trade prints, she has one that I really like, and vice versa, it's also giving me the idea to return to an old set of plated, I haven't printed in years, and revist them, and possible go from there, and create another version of this quilt series, I started over 5 years ago.
Either way, the possibilities are endless.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

yoga-riffic update

I am pleased to report, that I did commit and mostly do daily yoga.I am also pleased to write that it has changed the flexibility, and strength of my body. Are my arm rock hard, well they are firmer, and jiggley part under my arm, doesn't jiggle anymore.
I found another benefit, It made me slow down and focus , on myself, get in touch with how I was feeling, and how I would feel after I finished. Which was empowered and relaxed. It also delighted my dog, in the fact I was down on the floor, and she could give me a nose lick now and then. Will I stop my daily yoga? No. Did it hurt my back? No!!
Will I sometimes be too busy, yes, unfortunately, but you know on the days I had to skip, I was all the more determined to do it, the next day, and I did.
Did I have to play new age music to get into the whole yoga thang? Nope!
I found playing my new music obsession , named Adele, if you don't know her, you should, this girl can sing, plus her music is sublime. You should play the music the resonates with you, and that will do you the most good.

So will I return to my glory days as a couch potato, no. I will become a limber yoga-mama that sometimes sits on the couch. Yes ma'am.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

falling off the wagon

Not that wagon, but off the daily posting wagon, called NaBloPoMo.
I've been busy .

Last weekend, was our Open Studio weekend, it's changed from past years, it became more of a print fair, all the artists at Zea Mays Printmaking showed their work, if they wanted to join in, in years past, only the full time members showed their work, that gave somewhat of narrow view of what the studio was about, and what kind of art was being produced.

Do I like the change? The answer would be yes! It freed me up from bring every print I've ever done to just 20 prints, that represent me the best. I also made my usual greeting cards,which a young woman thanked me for making.Every year,she looks forward to them, she can't afford, to pay for a print, but she can afford, my cards. That was great validation for me, sometimes I question whether I should do them, but that was answered by her, I really appreciate her for telling me, it quashed that self doubt that I had about it.

And now for the video part of this post, a glimpse into our Friday night preview party.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

print fair north

This weekend marks Open Studio weekend at the Arts and Industry building, where my studio is located.
On Friday we are having a VIP event, for print collectors, friends and family.We have rearranged the studio, so people can flow through, view our prints, and maybe even purchase.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

the day after.

I'm still happy and hopeful. I feel blessed that my fellow Americans believe in hope and goodwill just like I do. It makes me very proud, to be part of this historical event.

If I had to describe how I felt in one word, it would be proud, than satisfied, and then ready, for a change.

Ariel at Electrolicious summed up the phenomena, of election night perfectly in this lovely set of pictures. That displays the feeling of shared emotion.All in one word, mostly.
Though I wasn't at her gathering I was at one of my own,watching the election results come in,with friends and acquaintances, we were enjoying a good glass of wine, and a yummy nosh, for that alone was worth it,and to think this country stopped what they were doing to pay witness to this defining moment, along side me, gives me the warm fuzzies.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

get your vote on

and look what happens.

Obama 338 electoral votes
McCain 156 electoral votes

Monday, November 03, 2008

I am a Real American

Over the last weeks I have watched senators and,Sarah Palin, make statements about who are the real Americans.
In my opinion we all are, no matter how diverse our views may be.We are all real Americans. We are all in this together, to face the issues of our time, as a nation.

I encourage you to show yourself, and this website brings that point home succinctly.
Think about participating and letting your real American voice be heard.
I am a Real American.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

mum show

Smith College has two flower shows a year. A bulb show in the spring, and a chrysanthemum show in the fall, besides being small, and just about flowers, you can also tour the rest of the conservatory, which is a plant lover's dream.There is always something blooming, or fading...the koi are fat and vibrant, and if you have a sharp eye , you can catch a glimpse of the frog that lives there, too.
I went this weekend with my Mom and my sister, and my best friend Denise.We had a great time, my mother went through rolls of film, like she was breathing, and we all had a wonderful visit.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

dubious beginnings

and so NaBloPoMo begins...and all I have to show for it is a lame video.

Today is the first day of my staycation.Yes, one of the newer words in the american lexicon, that I agree with fully. There is nothing like a home based vacation, it's fairly inexpensive, and mostly relaxing. Mine will be some of that, but it also includes preparing for Print Show North, which will occur next weekend.
Getting ready for open studio weekend, is exciting, and tiring.
And with the way everyone's finances are this year, I'm definitely going to price my prints accordingly,so they will be hopefully affordable.

Now back to my less the stellar video, in my excitement about being on staycation, and doing my first video for NaBloPoMo, but 124th video, for 365 minutes group at Ipernity,
I realized I had only recorded 30 seconds, I need to fill a minute, for the group, so the rest of it I filled with pictures of myself...ummm I promise this won't happen again, really.
I promise, cross my heart, hope to die.