Thursday, November 13, 2008

yoga-riffic update

I am pleased to report, that I did commit and mostly do daily yoga.I am also pleased to write that it has changed the flexibility, and strength of my body. Are my arm rock hard, well they are firmer, and jiggley part under my arm, doesn't jiggle anymore.
I found another benefit, It made me slow down and focus , on myself, get in touch with how I was feeling, and how I would feel after I finished. Which was empowered and relaxed. It also delighted my dog, in the fact I was down on the floor, and she could give me a nose lick now and then. Will I stop my daily yoga? No. Did it hurt my back? No!!
Will I sometimes be too busy, yes, unfortunately, but you know on the days I had to skip, I was all the more determined to do it, the next day, and I did.
Did I have to play new age music to get into the whole yoga thang? Nope!
I found playing my new music obsession , named Adele, if you don't know her, you should, this girl can sing, plus her music is sublime. You should play the music the resonates with you, and that will do you the most good.

So will I return to my glory days as a couch potato, no. I will become a limber yoga-mama that sometimes sits on the couch. Yes ma'am.


Sandy's Notes said...

Yay! I tried yoga once. I was so sore the next day I never went back. I do stretch a lot, but man that yoga is a tough one. I hated the stuff they burn too.

You have inspired me though, I was thinking of trying another place, as long as they don't burn the incense, makes my asthma start up.

Tracy said...

you should look around, I've tried lots of different types Iyengar,Bikrams, I like Svaroopa Yoga the best, it's all about opening up your lower back.
I'm surprised they would be burning something like that, the classes I went to they stressed, no perfumes,no scented oils ect, as they might bother a class mate.