Monday, November 24, 2008

oh the places you'll go

Another visit to museums, for Zack's art appreciation class.


Sandy's Notes said...

Uneasy, delightful, fun, and you. Great video again Tracy, keep up the good work!

Sandy's Notes said...

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving, I hope it's everything that can make you smile.

Cybergabi said...

Wonderful sculpture. I never read Dr Seuss (yet) - I think he hasn't been translated to German, that's why we didn't encounter him as kids. But he's on my list.

And I love to see Zack again!

Oh, and nice background for your blog! :o)

Tracy said...

@ Sandy thank you, I hope your thanksgiving was great too.

@ Gabi when you finally read him you will enjoy it,plus the illustrations are great too.
Zack is a very good sport being in my videos.