Saturday, November 22, 2008

the B word

That's right, I'm going to type it, Bra!
There is something to being forty something, that gives me a new appreciation of the need to wear a bra.A proper fitting bra. Even Tim Gunn, says the foundation of a woman's wardrobe, is a proper fitting undergarment.

Before gravity, or weight gain, or lactation, changed and modified my girls into something other that what I expected,I began as a small breasted, almost flat chest young woman, and grew into a more well endowed, cross your heart type of bra Woman!
I used to be able to get away with tank tops, or camisoles, and even a sports bras, but then I began to notice, that these undergarmets of my youth didn't really cut it.As gravity will have her way with your body I noticed my breasts decided they were very enamored with where my feet are, decided they should head in that direction. At first I ignored this, until one day looking in the mirror, I realized those wayward sinking bumps on my boobie horizon, were my nipples, and how in the hell, did they get there, and why? Was my body paying a cruel trick on me, or did I just need a bra. oh the betrayal!

So online I went ,and bras I bought, sometimes successful, sometimes not at all. I figured if the bras I wore without trying on, didn't fit me well, it was a waste of my time to go to a store where a bra lady would help me, find my right size, because there is no right size with me.Part of my reluctance was that I believed I didn't have the right body shape for a bra, I had sloped shoulders that's why, my straps never stayed up, I decided I was a size I really wasn't, and wore mostly bras that didn't fit right.

Until a dear friend clued me in to my delusions, the error of my thickheaded ways, she told me to to run, not walk, to go to Lady Grace, and I did reluctantly.There I met Stephanie,a very nice sales consultant, she did what all bra ladies do, they measure, and have you try on, and they adjust your wayward girls in the bra, what a concept! . Her assistance was non judgmental,gentle and told me most women wear the wrong bra size until they get fitted for the right one!!She turned me around, helped me see the light, and buy the right size
It was amazing to wear a bra that fit right, there was no pinch, no slipping strap, and the girls were looking up again. I actually enjoyed wearing a bra, because here's the shocker, it felt good!!

So If you've always believed you were a bra misfit, because you weren't the right shape,it isn't true sister, you just need to go get measured, and you will see how great your shape actually is.


Mrs. G. said...

You are so right. Last year, a bra fitting improved my posture and lifted the girl aplenty.

Tracy said...

I hear you, I was so reluctant to try the fitting out, but I'm so glad i did.

Doris Madsen said...

well from your still flat-chested friend ... i truthfully never liked those women telling me I was flat-chested. like I didn't already know that! funny, your eyes are popping out like your girls! (lol, i couldn't resist)have a great turkey day!

Joy! said...

Hehe. What a great expression. I am with you. Here I've been trying to stuff my modest endowment into the same modest size as if nothing had changed in the last 20 years. Then when I started looking for maternity bras, it slowly dawned on me that I had been wearing the wrong size all along. I'm welcoming myself to bras that actually fit! I love my camisoles, but I have a feeling that my nearly bra-less days are over. (drat!)