Saturday, November 01, 2008

dubious beginnings

and so NaBloPoMo begins...and all I have to show for it is a lame video.

Today is the first day of my staycation.Yes, one of the newer words in the american lexicon, that I agree with fully. There is nothing like a home based vacation, it's fairly inexpensive, and mostly relaxing. Mine will be some of that, but it also includes preparing for Print Show North, which will occur next weekend.
Getting ready for open studio weekend, is exciting, and tiring.
And with the way everyone's finances are this year, I'm definitely going to price my prints accordingly,so they will be hopefully affordable.

Now back to my less the stellar video, in my excitement about being on staycation, and doing my first video for NaBloPoMo, but 124th video, for 365 minutes group at Ipernity,
I realized I had only recorded 30 seconds, I need to fill a minute, for the group, so the rest of it I filled with pictures of myself...ummm I promise this won't happen again, really.
I promise, cross my heart, hope to die.


Joyce said...

I have not seen your blog before as I am being introduced to you through Sandy and Nablopomo. I must read more as you seem like a very interesting soul. It will be fun to share this month with you. I will enjoy reading your posts. Nice to meet you!!

Tracy said...

nice to meet you too, Joyce.
I look forward to reading the blogs this month.