Sunday, November 23, 2008

bird rescue

I'm not exactly sure how a little bird, got into my potting shed, but it did.

I keep the birdseed in there, in two old playmate coolers, they are perfect containers, they are mouse proof, and keep the seed fresh and dry, they also have great handles, when I need to fill the bird feeders, I can take them with me.

I walked into my potting shed to do that very thing, fill the feeders. I heard this fluttery noise, then I spotted a little slate colored junco, flapping against the windows. I thought for a minute how to get him out, I opened the barn door wide, and considered shooing him out, but then I thought that would just scare the poor little birdie,or drive him deeper in the corner of my potting shed.Slowly I reached my soft gloved hands toward him, caught him and cradled him in my hands, feeling his warm little body nestled in my gloves. I stepped outside, slowly opening my hands, where he sat for a second, then picked up off of them, rising up and flying away.

It made me feel happy, like I had received a little gift.


Joy! said...

This reads like poetry to me. I like feeling lost in your description of that moment.

Tracy said...

thank you, I was hoping I could describe it, so it would be like you are there.