Friday, March 13, 2009

the hairy post

today I got my hair cut, it's been over 4 months, it was longish, and not making me crazy, and I thought hey, I'll give this a shot, I kind of like it.
So my idea was to get in between the short short cuts I used to get and this long overgrown hair I have now. I went to a new stylist and frankly, my expectations were high, i love that she lives across the street, I can walk

She asked me what I wanted, I told her I thought what I'd like, I like the length, but I knew it needed to be styled, and well she agreed, and started saying long in the back(yes!!) shape up the bulk in the back (well okay)and then make it wash and go (YES!) and then she said something but some height on the top (umm okay), and then her scissors went cutting and there was a lot of hair falling, kind of sickeningly in slow motion, and then I looked up and well gulp... my hair was short, like wtf short!!!

I looked in the mirror,I smiled in shock and paid, and left...noticing, it's still winter, and now I would need to wear earmuffs, as my ears were exposed, and chilly...brrr.
Now I was home to process, and I went from pissed, to crying out loud, freaking maybe I am losing it, I never before have cried over cut hair, maybe I was due. Whatever I was not liking it, so I continued to rant out loud occasionally noticing my dog's look of concern.Finally ,I got over my big bad self, and realized that my hair will grow, and well she did give me a really great cut. So now I'll just buy some cute earmuffs.


Sandy's Notes said...

I like it! It's different, but I like the new you! This reminds me of when my cat looked in the mirror for the first time and thought she was looking at another cat. She hissed, yowled, arched her back, walked ever so slowly around the other cat and finally realized it was her. She started to purr and that was it, she loved her 'do'!

I've been contimplicating getting mine cut much shorter, I don't seem to have the guts!

Tracy said...

thank you so much, I like it very much now. I like your analogy here, as my cat did the same thing tonight, look at herself in the mirror, it was hilarious.

Joy! said...

Sometimes transitions are more of a shock when we get something very different than we were expecting. Especially when we are convinced we wanted something different to begin with! I can't think of an example from my own life at the moment (darn brain!), but I know they exist and have been really upsetting at times.