Saturday, March 07, 2009

grocery store observations

This came to me while I was shopping for groceries today.It's one of those mundane tasks, that you have to do whether you want to or not.
I especially like to observe couples that shop together, basically I see this with straight couples, gay couples seem to be able to get that whole concept of divide and conquer. Whereas straight couple either actively shop together and split the work load, or they, don't. If they don't then it's mostly the man pushing the carriage, looking like an impostor, feeling a little out of place, or scared. You'll often find them standing there gripping the carriage, in a quiet aisle, while their loved one is off hunting and gathering. I find it curious behavior, as to why he can't continue on in the maze of the store, putting things in the carriage,maybe these couples aren't list shoppers,so he has no clue, what kind of cereal he eats, or chips he likes to snack on, or even what kind of toilet paper he likes to use. It's a little sad, and well a little annoying.
I also love to see the woman's gentle redirection of the cart,it's done silently, and by hand.We know that shopping aisles are like streets, that have two sides, you need to get on one side of the other, middle of the aisle shopping is for straight men, and permissive parents, who feel it's okay to let their kids push those huge car carriages down the middle of the aisle, because well the child can't see over the car part of the carriage, and so they stay in the middle, to avoid bumping into things, which keeps the parent lectures to minimum, and leaves them in peace, to push the carriage, as slow as they want.
This sometimes impresses and again annoys me depending on how much of a hurry I am in.
The other thing that has always impressed me , is the ability of kids to stare, directly at you, not even shyly looking away, if you look back at them.I always hope a little that this skill will carry this child to adulthood, where they will continue to make direct eye contact, instead of looking away.
My last observation,for now whatever happened to just politely saying excuse me, when someone is blocking your way in the aisle, or in front of your item you want to get to. I frankly get annoyed by people, who will just stand there passively, waiting for me to get out of their way, just say "excuse me", and I'll move, I'm not a mind reader, and I won't turn to a pillar of salt if you ask me, I'll just move , and not think another thing about it.

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