Saturday, February 28, 2009

pear shaped

I have never gone through my life doing things effortlessly, or smoothly.I've dealt with that kind of life rebuttal in many ways. I'm sure anger was one way, or emotional eating was another, but as I get older, I realize, that I don't or try not to let these weird events bother me very much. A kind of "there's no use crying over spilt milk", because well it's spilt,and god knows what was on the floor,so shush and get yourself another glass, and move on with your life.

Thursday I received my first Mac book, it was exciting but I had to work, plus I needed to update some things on it,so I really didn't have time to play much with it. Friday I did I discovered, my mac book pro doesn't recognize its' battery, huh!?!?
So this portable device , now becomes something that I have to anchor to a plug.
All in the name of saving a few hundred dollars$500to be exact,I bought it from a 3rd party vendor. A really reliable one , instead of itself.So I should just call them and that will be that, except well they are an Orthodox Jewish run company, and are closed on Saturdays!

So my solution to my battery problem, is delayed.

My son and I search their website, and discover that a battery problem, does exist, and we should just be able to download the solution, but wait my little mac book pro says "I don't need no stinking update," when actually I do.

So another avenue of solution is blocked, wtf?!?!

So I can't call the third party vendor, but I can call, for support and I do, and a nice young man named Jason , I'm sure he's younger because, well everybody seems to be younger then me, but anyway.He helps me, or well tries too,I give him serial numbers, which tells him my Mac is a 6 month old Mac!! I tell him I just bought it this week, he notes that down,I remove the battery I reset the Mac, and it still has no battery,as far as it's concerned...bah!

I get a case number, and my phone support from Jason ends, he suggests that I register my Apple Care plan online later on, as that would be helpful for myself.

I do that very thing the next day, or well try to, because well as far as apple is concerned, by the serial numbers that I give I'm no longer eligible! oy vey!

I am counting my blessings that tomorrow is Sunday, and hopefully a solution.
I guess I would be more upset if it didn't work at all but it does, and well. I will solve this problem, but in a leisurely relaxed way, whether I want to or not, dammit!

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