Monday, March 23, 2009

the windy city

This year the Southern Graphic Council Conference is going to be in Chicago, I've never been there, and I'm looking forward to it.
To see all these printmakers in one place,will be amazing.I'm looking forward to listening to Kathan Brown, from Crown Point Press. She has written many wonderful books about printmaking, one that I am especially fond of called "Ink,Paper,Metal,Wood", it recounts her different experiences with different artists. It's not a name dropping kind of book, it instead, is written as genuine respect and admiration, for the artist that have joined her there.It's a very inspiring read, and reason to explore printmaking.
Along with something wonderful like that is, the other things I'd like to see in Chicago, "the bean" at Millennium Park, I am looking forward to seeing the Art Institute, and trying some deep dish pizza.

My only hesitation, is that it's the end of March, the weather could be much like here, coldish, possible rain and snow!!!, so now I think of what to pack, thin, but warm layers, I have a great wool pea coat, that'll keep me warm, but now the possibility of snow, poses the shoe challenge. Luckily, I own lots of wool socks, and a pair of black work boots, I was hoping to bring only one pair of shoes, these great Asics I recently purchased. These are dream sneakers, they came out of the box, went on to my feet, no breaking in period. they were comfortable from step one.But sneakers and pssible snow...brrr. That may change depending on the weather, and I'll throw a hat in my suitcase too, but that will hardly take up any room.I figure I'll just be aware of the upcoming weather and dress accordingly, I live in New England after all, and our weather changes, one minute from the next,I'll just plan on packing smart.

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