Sunday, May 07, 2006


I have been using homeopathic remedies for at least 10 years. I discovered it through my curiosity, and searching on the net.
I pulled up to Dana Ullman's website and learned about the top ten remedies you should use...Well I never bought all ten but there are 3 that I use in my life,on a fairly regular basis.
1. Arnica montana - it's a really good remedy, for muscle soreness, with bruising, and sudden injuries like sprain,or a fall it should be taken at the outset(i.e; after you pick yourself up after falling down the stairs on your butt) which is an experience I had when we moved into our house. It has steep narrow stairs, and as my feet slipped out from under me, I slid down on and landed at the bottom on my butt....Yow!!! The first time I did it, yes there was a another time...My ass cheek was purple, the whole thing, I never knew you could bruise that purple did what all first aid tells you to do, and iced my injury, to reduce swelling , and bruising...It did neither.
the second time I went downstairs on my butt, I immediately got up...And took some arnica tablets, under my tongue.I did so every 2 hours, for at least the first 10-12 hours, I did end up with a bruise, but it was the size of a golfball, not the size of A...Well never mind.
2.Ruta Graveolens-is wondeful First Aid treatment for sprains, injuries, strain, bruised bones, pulled ligaments.Sprains or fractures that aren't healing well.It's perfect for ankle sprains...something case in point I forget. I've been walking the dog lately, were doing the whole dog whisperer thing and it's working.After one of our walks I noticed my inner ankle is little sore, and I have some swelling, it's not too bad...Until later that night in the shower and I misstep and sprain it more ...Damn slippery shower gel.
Now not only do I have swelling it hurts to walk. hello feet, we're going to be walking around Amsterdam for the next 6 days, I need it not to hurt.
I try Arnica gel, and the tablets, for a few days, and it's not getting worse, it's just not getting better.I'm mildly concerned. I made sure I did the RICE mnemonic for strains, Rest, Ice,Compression, and Elevation.
While perusing the medicine cabinet and see the bottle of Ruta grav... and a light goes on , and I realize the error of my ways.Ruta grav is perfect of ankle sprains,more so than arnica.
Once begin to take it, I notice an hour later, my ankle is hurting less, I have more mobility,it's amazing the difference.I was able to work my night shift at the hospital with no pain,as I am on my feet most of my shift. I am still healing at this writing but it has made a huge difference in comfort, and change in my confidence of walking around for 6 days (in Amsterdam).
3.Pulsatilla Niger- I use this for three things, colds with cough , the kind that keep you from sleeping. As soon as you lay down,this dry wracking cough appears, this remedy will quiet that.Colds with runny noses, the kind that won't stop, even though you've mostly wiped the top layer of skin off and resemble a distant relative of Rudolf the red nosed reindeer.
but the most necessary use is for menstrual cramps...It smoothes them away, and it helps you relax,no crabbiness...No pain and sometimes you sleep better.

so I encourage you, to do your own research on homeopathy, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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Stephanie said...

Hi Tracy. I'm glad you've had good experiences with homeopathy!! It's so nice to hear!! I am a newly graduated Homeopathic Doctor and am struggling to find ways to get the message of homeopathy out there. It is a wonderful medicine not only on the physical realm but can also be a great tool to enhance self awareness and gain insight into your personal journey. CHEERS!