Saturday, October 27, 2007

5 days until....NaBloPoMo begins

I think I'm getting a little NaBloPoMo anxiety, wondering if i can do it, hoping I don't fail, and I haven't even started.I think i have the dogged determination to do it, but I also think I will be wanting to write something clever every day, and end up writing my grocery list some days, so at least I can say i wrote.
I was a member of 365 days at flickr, it was a challenge, a self portrait everyday, for 365 days, that taught me a thing or two about myself, that i can commit to something and do it.
Though that was taking photos, and this will be writing, I take a deep breath an aim toward success.


Mrs. G. said...

Don't fret...or if you have fret, blog about it. My advice: keep a piece of paper and a pen on you at all times and when you have a creative thought or observation regarding ANYTHING, jot it down. Good luck.

Tracy said...

that's a very good idea, thanks, i always have a little notebook with me, so i'm half way there.