Sunday, October 28, 2007

the great pumpkin....4 days until NaBloPoMo starts.

So Halloween is around the corner, A favorite holiday, all that cool candy, and dressing up in costume, what couldn't be better.
I think carving is another great thing about it, though I enjoy the pumpkins that are complex carvings, that show shadow and light, I am just as enamored with the jack-o-lanterns that are simple faces.
There is something creative, and energizing about carving, and creating a cool scary face, plus it's such a simple way to decorate, before I had an house, I lived in an apartment, i still carved a pumpkin, but i had no where to really put it, for people to see, which is part of the reason you carve,or maybe I should clarify it by saying it's why I carve.
Sometimes I make roasted pumpkin seeds, I used to have this great recipe from Martha Stewart, but I have since lost it.Regardless of what you think of her, she roasts a tasty pumpkin seed.
So here's to easy carving, and a dry Halloween, so all those kiddies can trick-or-treat safely, and dryly.
If you are a flickr-er (could there be such a word?) and you carve a mean pumpkin, or you take pictures of them, feel free to post your creation to the jack-o-lantern group there.


Mrs. G. said...

I love the illumination. There's something special about a solid squash becoming a glowing orb. I am a sucker for tradition.

s'mee said...

You have beautiful photos! I am soooo coming back!

Tracy said...

i very much am into the tradition of carving a pumpkin.
happy halloween to you both.