Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Snow White upon realizing, she's not over that whole apple thing.

So we all know the story of Snow White, she had a contract taken out on her by her jealous stepmother , who had youth issues evidently. She moves in with a group of dwarves, becomes their girl friday,then finally she's was poisoned by her wicked stepmother, a woman who can't take no for an answer.Then she marries the first guy that saves her from death.
After all the dust settles from that, and they've been married for a many years, does she look back on her life and wonder, "what the hell was i thinking?"
Does she entertain thoughts of eating another apple to see who'll save her this time.
Does she suffer from PTSD, unable to be near apples,very leery of their innocent packaging , but the not so innocent results.
Does this mean fall is her least favorite month, no apple dumpling with ice cream, no slice of apple pie at Thanksgiving?
Or did she get the hell over all that, and run her own successful catering company, after all she was used to cooking for eight people at any one time. So she uses those skills, to make a name for her self in the catering world, with the ever popular catch phrase "Snow White's Catering, our apple pie is so good, it'll kill you."
Who really knows, but I'd like to think she became a success, and even when she comes upon an apple, and it gives her moment to pause, remember, then move on.


Mrs. G. said...

I vote for Snow White's success. Are those your feet? I must have those shoes...comfy and cute.

Tracy said...

I bought them at, they are made by ecco.
they are super comfy and cute.

Mrs. G. said...

I was not familiar with this Zappos...heaven help me now that I am. Thanks.

aikitherese said...

Oh...that's great!!!

So much to ponder....

Happy autumn :)

Marie said...

I love your story musings! And the image is striking, too.