Thursday, November 29, 2007

the almost finished product

I finished carving the linoleum block (almost) I see a few areas, where I need to adjust a couple things, but mostly I'm psyched it's done. I hope she likes it, and it turned out as she imagined.

It was warmer in the studio today, which was nice. Tomorrow the forecast is windy which will suck for whoever is there, but it won't be me. I'll be snug in my house, doing laundry, and making a christmas list for my mom. Maybe I'll even do a little christmas shopping, dressed in pajamas, with a milky cup of tea. As much as I like traveling back and forth to the studio, I love being home too.

My dog Wilma and my cat Ginger will be psyched.I'll be home to provide them with much needed snacks and head rubs.And more treats, and pinches of catnip, and outties, and then more dog bones.It be a busy day.


Mrs. G. said...

Tomorrow sounds like a lovely day. It is my day off as well and I am going to shop in my pjs as well. I love your finished product. You are so talented.

I love that your dog's name is Wilma...I have an Aunt Wilma and I love her.

Tracy said...

Thank you, I think it turned out really well. I am pleased.
Shopping in your pjs is the best.

she came with that name, at first i was going to alter it to Willa, but when we met her she was a Wilma through and through

Professor J said...

That's a lovely print. I'm sure your friend will be thrilled.