Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mr. Bowflex.

Since I wrote about Louise,my dishwasher, yesterday, I figure it's only fair to go on about Mr. Bowflex.He moved in with us this Sunday, he kind of wrecked havoc, with my studio. What we didn't throw away on Monday,from his room,moved into my studio, and it will be dealt with soon.(real soon!)

The 3 of us, me, my husband, and my son, we're all getting together , and using Mr. Bowflex.
It's kind of fun, except the Hub, likes it quiet, and I process with my mouth, so I've gotten the shush look, which make me want to talk more(well it does).
My son is pretty cool with it, it's kind of fun to be spotted, or handed the handle, we figure moving the bench off, where you have to for some of the exercises, should be an exercise, because it so damn heavy, good body mechanics, will keep you from hurting your back, maybe that why they have those seated lower back extensions, so your able to assemble, Mr Bowflex, with out killing your back.
We're doing the every other day plan, it'll give us a day to be really sore, before having to answer to Mr Bowflex again. I'm finding him to be a quiet taskmaster, it's figuring out the right weight,if it's too light well that won't accomplish anything, but if it's too much you might injure yourself, or be too damn sore.
Though I think the injury factor in this is pretty minimal, it's fairly smooth functioning, the only way I figure I'll hurt myself I figure is being graceful and sit down with the seat is in row, and miss the seat entirely, because it slid away.

Do i feel some muscle cells, getting jazzed up and firmed. Well yeah I kind of do, does that freak me out? Not really freaked, but surreal.
Here I am blowing my sedentary lifestyle. Oh my gosh, maybe I'll tame the pre-menopausal gut, that has be settling around my middle. it's bad enough that the facial hairs are running amok, I didn't realize my belly would too.Here's to fortifying the temple, yeah I'm talking about my body.

Here's to Mr. Bowflex,if things go well,maybe I'll fix him up with Louise.

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