Thursday, November 08, 2007


Recently, I read an article, I believe it was Art In America, and it was about how the importance of editioning a print, had fallen to the wayside. It didn't add any value to the print.

I've always looked at an edition as a goal to head for, there something exciting about knowing that 33/50, means it's the 33rd print out of 50. That you created a block, or an etching that you were able to print, 50 times, and all of the them theoretically the same. As a printmaker, I tend to be more successful with that with Relief prints, it's hard, once you know how, to f*ck up a relief print once you get going.

I keep a small notebook for the prints I've made, what year i made them, how big is the edition, is there a special little quirk to the plate, that i need to remember to keep the quality the same.
With my relief prints, there are often hatch marks, to keep track of the edition, a lot of my smaller blocks I make blank greeting cards out of, i don't print 100 cards in one shot, but i figure I will over the years, so i keep track.

Years ago when I first started open studios, I made lots of blank greeting cards, that would sell pretty well.
Inevitably I would have a happy Patron,come to me the next year, and tell me how they loved the card they bought from me, but they didn't use it as a card, they framed it, and it hangs in their house. At first, frankly I was pissed, I felt a little cheated, out of money due to me, if they had bought a print, it would have cost more then a mere 4x6 greeting card.
So one year I didn't make cards, did I sell more prints that year...No.
Did I get a little disappointed...Yes.

So after that I thought about it long and hard, and I let go of all that stupid disappointment, and I began to see what I did, in the printmaking world as a gift, to myself and others. If that meant someone could only afford one of my prints in card form then so be it. In other words I got over my big bad self.

So this year if you see me on Open studios, and all you can afford is a card. I'm happy to have helped you, buy yourself a really unique card, and I thank you.

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