Wednesday, November 21, 2007

guilty pleasures

With out first over indulgence holiday approaching, what better thing to reflect on the guilty pleasures, that I partake in with my DVR.
- America's Next Top Model- i love this show, the Tyraisms, that come forth every week,out of Miss Tyra's mouth, and some of the whack ideas,for photo shoots, that they come up with to challenge these young women, it makes my night. Then later to dish about it with someone, makes it even more fun.

-The Hills- yes, that's right I watch the Hills. It's a perfect little show, a half hour long, I can have my catty, then move on to something else. This show doesn't drag on ,it's short and sweet, just like L.C and Audrina.Rumor has it, that it's scripted, well if it truly is, it won't suffer from the writer's strike.We're talking light and fluffy, and fashionable, people.

-Holmes on Homes- this is a fixer up show from Canadian television, this contractor goes in and fixes up , peoples' nightmare houses. The story is basically the same, really nice decent people,who aren't particularly savvy, in regards to choosing a contractor, or around much to see how the job is progressing until it explodes into lousy workmanship, and higher costs, for them.
Enter Mike Holmes, comes in usually guts their abomination of a house, or garage, or kitchen or addition that their having built, and he and his crew fix it up, he's also not afraid to hire really good plumbers, painters,weeping tile experts, electricians. He always has the scolding lecture, because he has such high standards, it makes him sick, that someone just wouldn't do the best job he could for a client. What I'd like to know is how does he pay for these tear down , build up jobs he does? Compared to This Old House where there's a lot of product placement, and mention of how much things cost, in this show there is none, the other bonus, is how much of a leatherman he looks like, all he need is the proper leather accessories, instead he wears Carhartt overalls, often no shirt, and the gold chain, is just very macho manly, thrown back to the disco era, whatever he gets the job done, and there is a happy ending too.

Last and certainly not least Project Runway!! what can I say,as an artist, it's wonderful to curl up on the couch and see, how someone else creates, between the visuals, and fashion inspired critiques, it's lovely to be a little fly on the wall, a fashionable fly that is, and watch what unfolds.
Tonight's show with Sarah Jessica Parker, I almost died and went to heaven. She could make me turn off the Haley Mill's version of The Parent Trap, and my husband and son can't get me to do that. She was guileless, and cute, and likable, and she was genuinely thrilled and a little bit nervous like a fan, to be on Project Runway.But it all worked out in the end.
I did like Victorya and Kevin's dress with the little racer back vest it was cute, but I was blown away more by the design Sweet P and Elisa created ,as they have such different styles. Though I think Elisa is a freak, she no more myopic with her polymorphic dresses , then Christian is with his fitted, retro jackets. I especially loved when he looked like he was going to strike down all the other judges, because they chose to speak before ms.Sarah Jessica.

So here's to those guilty pleasures, that are calorie free,so we'll have more room for dessert tomorrow.


Mrs. G. said...

I love Project Runway, and I squealed with delight when I saw SJP on last night. That Pocahantas dress was so pitiful I actally felt sad for the guys who made it. Guilty pleasures are the best. You and I have such similar taste. I ordered Mr. G. some of those tie-dye squares you featured on your favorite things list. I'm going to give them to him for Christmas, and I know he will love them. He is never without a hankerchief in his pocket.

Tracy said...

that dress was hideous, it seems, this season, they are getting rid of the people that can't sew very well, which they should.' you husband will like those handkerchiefs, you just throw them in the wash. they don't bleed color at all.