Sunday, November 11, 2007

tired, but satisfied.

Open studio weekend was a success!
I sold some prints, a lot more cards,I traded some art for for some art.
I bought myself, a cool little key chain.

a good weekend was had by all.
I'm not sure if we all sold work on this weekend, but I hope so.

It's very easy to get caught up, in wanting to charge higher prices, but I try to think less about that, and realize what I'm trying to do. I want people, to like my art, realize art like that isn't out of their reach, plus I am self taught, and have another job, that pays this bills, so what ever, I get from this, is just frosting on an already great cake.

I also think and I know people are looking, to get a great deal, for less.
Definitely, under $100, and if it's under $60 dollars even better.
So for that reason, I sold a lot of cards, I also have a lot left, but i made a large number.

It's interesting, to be an observer, to couple's opinions.
One young woman, really liked this small print, I did of three multicolored hearts.
When she called her girl friend over, and asked her if she liked it, her partner, didn't say no, she just kind of rubbed her chin, and said nothing, it was her tell, she didn't like my print. Maybe she thought it had to do with valentines, or gushy love,or it was too main stream. Instead of getting it was a rip on that, it's called 3 chambers.Which is also a rip on your real heart that has four.
So back to the couple, the partner, is rubbing her chin, telling me and all who can see, that she doesn't like the print, that her girlfriend really likes, but also that they must be a new couple, for still haven't worked out the whole compromise thing,and that the woman couldn't read her own girlfriend's body language,and know the answer was "no", wasn't secure enough to say, "hey, I like this, and I'm buying it for me."

ah well, there's always next year.


Miss Eliza said...

You read people well! :)

Thanks so much for the mention of your blogroll - that made my night!

Tracy said...

you're quite welcome, i thoroughly enjoy your blog.

Mrs. G. said...

I'm glad it was a success for you.

Tracy said...

thank you., mrs.G