Friday, November 23, 2007

the cozy

It's the night before I cook Thanksgiving for my family, and I feel accomplished, I got quite a bit done, I've made two desserts, cooked my turkey neck, to make stock, chopped celery, and onion for the stuffing I'll make, So tomorrow will be fairly stress free. (fingers crossed, here's hoping.)
the house is even clean!

It's all done, and now i can sit, and channel surf a little bit, and I happen upon the movie "the Holiday" the one with kate winslet, jude law, and cameron diaz, and jack black, and last but not least eli wallach. I have seen this before, but i'm pleased to see it now ,with holidays beginning. It fits perfectly with my state of mind which just caps off my work nicely, I can snuggle into the couch enjoy the beautiful scenery, and witty dialog, and escape a little,become a happy little voyeur, in this slice of life. I am Thankful for movies, that I can escape a little, but thoroughly enjoy the gamut of emotions, that this movie supplies, you'll laugh, relate totoally, maybe even get teary, but it's all good, all warm and fuzzy.

There is also the physical aspect of it, the warm safe feeling you get, the cradling of the couch, the soft light that glows in the room, is all part of it, and I can pause my dvr, and dash to the bathroom, only to return to my warm spot and finish the movie,it's quite an indulgence.

The other part of the cozy, is the family part, my Husband and me chopping celery and onion,earlier that evening. Sharing the workload, another thing I am thankful for, that somehow we have evolved into these two people that share, the load. I bless my lucky stars, everyday for that one. It's also my son, who has become this cool funny adult, no longer a boy, and that frankly takes my breath away, that i could have had a hand in that. That's certainly another big, Big, BIG blessing. He just came home from being out with friends, and he comments on the smells, the pie, and how it smells like cheesecake, and how he hope he can keep out of it until tomorrow. That is certainly an empowering thing when your kid loves you and what you cook.

As I write this I hope I have conveyed the cozy to you, or maybe made you totally relate in recognition, of this said phenomena. For what it's worth, it doesn't matter how much you save on Black Friday, it's worthless if you don't have the cozy.


Mrs. G. said...

You have definitely conveyed the cozy. I'm feeling all warm and smurfy. I'm glad you had such a nice day.

Sandy's Notes said...

Great post Tracy, I did get the warm and fussies, which I have lacking because of all the commericalism. Thanks for taking me to better place.

dogfaceboy said...

I see cozy. Celery is not my favorite food, but I just love the way it smells when you chop it. And it's that smell that always reminds me of cozy because celery is in nearly every soup. I don't like soup, but that's an unfortunate flaw.

I have tagged you, and you might find it cozy or a curse.

Marie said...

I like your description of the cozy! I am a big cozy fan too.