Monday, November 19, 2007


Tonight our usual Mr. Bowflex session, was such that we weren't able to do it together, we all had separate sessions,which really was fine, I plugged into my iPod,and followed the exercises, there was hardly any down time, except when I was being less than coordinated, that damn bench seat, it's like an exercise all on it's own removing it and replacing it.

And then it happened, the endorphins kicked in, I felt great, I was smiling,that minor bitch rag I was wearing tonight, was gone, like a cyber exit, poof!
it was a brief memory, and a big sigh of relief.But now I am thinking , was that the reasons for my doldrums yesterday, am i going to be , crabby on the days that I don't work out?!
Will there be nonexistent pissing and moaning on the days that I do trip the light fantastic with Mr. Bowflex?

I'd like to think so, that would be great. On the days I'm being a bitch and I want to trade my family in , I can go visit Mr Bowflex, and let my imagined troubles melt away, and get a hard body too, okay I'm still a little high on the endorphins, get a less flabby body , that would be more realistic, and attainable., and feel good.

and that's a good thing, just like Martha says.


Mrs. G. said...

Uh, Tracy, I don't know how to tell you this, but I think Mr. Bowflex might be your new secret boyfriend. Good for you for working out. How cool would it be to become addicted to working out.

Kelly Malloy said...

Working out usually makes me feel good too! I think it is the endorphins or something!

Tracy said...

@ mrs.guh oh!! are my motives that transparent ;-)

@kelly i think it could be.