Friday, November 09, 2007

mind frame veg

The studio is set up, for the open house over the next 2 days, there will be lots of people walking through, wondering, how you achieved the print , that you did. Hopefully making a purchase or two.
I find it helps to have a wood block, or a copper etching out, so they can see what the transfer device is, mainly how you transferred the ink to the paper.

I'm trying something different this year, less clutter at my table, I used to spread my prints out, for people to see, , as much as you tried to keep it orderly, there was too much, they were over saturated, and really couldn't see it all.This year I'm feeding them smaller bites, hopefully they be able to savor them, instead of eating and running.

Another fairly annual thing, is the decompression, before open studio, chilling out, doing a pleasant but mindless activity, drinking plenty of water, and getting lots of sleep, so i can be charming, and able to say complete sentences.

I bought plenty of munchies, cheese, fruit, cherry, tomatoes, cookies that I like, hopefully everyone else will. Eating a regular lunch at open studio, is a like an exercise in futility, your better, to grab a handful, and run back to your table, there is always someone, wanting to buy something, as soon as you try to eat something, so it's better , if you can swallow it fast.

Well wish me luck, I have water to drink, and mindless TV to watch, before sleeping 8 hours.
good night.

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