Monday, November 05, 2007


It's nice sometimes to just take a day off , and connect with a friend.Then forget to write her blog entry minutes after midnight, oh well so i post twice on Monday.
Since becoming a print maker, and joining the studio, I've had the privilege, of getting to know my friend Liz.She runs the studio, and has become a mentor firstly, and over the years ,a very good friend.

On Sunday we got together and saw the Chrysanthemum show at Smith College, had a great lunch, and then viewed prints, by William Kentridge, a South African Printmaker, at the Smith College Museum of Art.Over 120 prints,all varying techniques of printmaking, it was exhilarating to view , those velvety dry point lines, his painterly sugar lifts, his soft tonal aquatints. It was equally wonderful, and to share it with someone who knows those techniques, just like I do, who could ooh and aah over the the etched line, and know the paper that the artist used, because we've both used the same.

It makes me thankful, to have such a lovely friend.


Sephyroth said...

I'm stopping by on my way to commenting on as many NaBloPoMo blogs as possible as part of the NaBloPoMo commenting challenge. :)

Not that I advocate this, but you could have fudged on the timestamp of the blog post to make it look like it was posted on Sunday evening, and not early Monday morning...after all, it was still Sunday somewhere when you posted it... ;)


Tracy said...

i did think about that, but i figured
it was just as easy to explain it in my post.
thanks for visit.