Friday, November 16, 2007

A few of my favorite things

Mrs G wrote about her favorite things, it was informative, and a great resource, and has turned me on to some new items that I didn't know were out there. So this week she threw down the gauntlet, and asked the question, "what are your favorite things?" Without further ado, dear reader, here are a few of them.

1. Ghirardelli Chocolate's Intense Dark Toffee Interlude, a rich velvety dark chocolate, with great mouth feel, think orgasmic. It also has the right amount of Toffee bits, and caramelized almonds pieces. This is honestly a chocolate where you can eat that one square, and be satisfied, that doesn't mean, you won't be back in a hour wanting more, but there's a reason they named it Toffee Interlude, it's sensual, and satisfying, just like a really really good chocolate should be.
And the best thing, you can buy this at your local supermarket.

2.Two leaves and a bud's tea sachets, they are divine. You can see the actual tea leaves, the flavor is wonderful, no bitterness, at all, it make a perfect cuppa, and it organic! I've tried their Earl Grey, the Darjeeling, and the Assam ,I am a lover of black tea, and this black tea is the bomb. The only other high end tea I had that was in a lovely mesh sachet, like this was from Fortnum& Mason, of London. That tea was the bees knees too, but I don't live in London, and buying it online is just not the same, or cost effective. So I've kept my eye out for a more price savvy substitute, and this tea fills that tall order and then some.

3.Avocados, has there not been a more misunderstood fruit, in the history of fruit and veg. Some people will argue that they are fattening, but they are sodium- and cholesterol-free and have only five grams of fat per serving, most of it the monounsaturated kind. Which is good for you, think supple skin, shiny hair,general health and well being, you need a little fat to keep your body working properly. Plus they taste so sublime and wonderful, and are a perfect complement to tuna fish sandwiches, think sliced and put in your sandwich, it's the best and you can thank me later. But the best way is naked, sliced or chopped into chunks, to be savored with someone or alone, perhaps an avocado interlude?

4. . home of badass buttons and magnets, I learned about her wonderful Buttons when I did the 365 project at Flickr, and I bought my 365 buttons there, then I went back and check out the rest of what she makes, it is hip, creative and badass too, and the price is just ridiculous. You could easily buy more buttons then you could possibly need, but is that necessarily a bad thing?

5.Purifying Charcoal Shower Gel by DHC cosmetics. I first received a sample when I purchase their pure soap, to quench my soap whoreish ways. This shower gel is awesome, clears up any of those weird 40 something year old skin problems, like the occasional back zit, and smooths those rough patches of your epidermis, turning them so soft and silky, you may think you've gone back in a time machine. I use it in the shower, and my skin come out soft and glow y, and it smells good too, not fake flowery, but minty and invigorating. if you are a soap whore, I recommend it totally.

6. Socks from Sock Dreams, this is a place where you can find 100 different pairs of black socks, with out looking like you raided your great- uncle Edwards sock drawer. They have what ever length of sock you desire, from half socks to thigh highs, and in more colors than black. If Sock dreams doesn't have it, then it's not made. it is the best sock store in the known universe.

7. Soft cotton handkerchiefs, from Wild Child Tie Dyes, it's a local business, that get all my business, this woman could dye a rag and make it look gorgeous, she sells more than handkerchiefs, but that's what i primarily buy. When I'm hot I sweat, big sweaty droplets, so as not to worry others, and drip on them , a quick wipe with my tie dyed handkerchief keeps me looking only glowy, and healthy, not hot flash premenopausal.

8. X-Treme Jane Sling by Ecco Performance shoes, these shoes, are very comfortable, stylish, and lets face it they're cute. I've worn them while I do my mile walk, and the felt wonderful, and I've also worn them at the Studio when I'm on my feet for 6 hours, pulling prints, and these are cement floors, and my tootsies have stayed happy and comfortable.

9.Printmaking inks from Daniel Smith, are affordable, brilliantly colored, very light fast, and easy to clean up, I use vegetable oil and Simple Green. I use the oil based relief inks for my linoleum and woodcuts, and they dry to this gorgeous rich sheen.That has the graphic bold tone I desire.

Hopefully this list will inform you, and turn you onto somethings, you might not have known about.


Mrs. G. said...

Tracy, you and I are drawn to the same sort of things. Your list is spectacular. I think I've already mentioned how I feel about those shoes. The tea the body purifier sound wonderful. I, too, a a soap whore. I have to tell my friend Vallen about the button place. She is nuts about buttons. Her site is Queenly Things. Check her out.

Thanks for joining in, Tracy.

Marie said...

More inspiration! Yea! Thanks! :)
Mmm. Thinking of own list...

Tracy said...

thanks, you two, the list was fun to come up with.