Monday, November 12, 2007


Hi, my name is Tracy, and I'm a procrastinator.
I would imagine that a 12 step program for procrastinators, would never get anywhere, or get started, because people would be meaning to go , and they just wouldn't get around to it.

My husband, is a Craiglist success story, he's found boats, and me a flat file, and our recent purchase of a Bowflex Extreme, now i can never say it was too cold to walk. So we have the humongous machine, and we have a room to put it in, but actually we've been putting alot of everything else in this room too.

It's our guest/dumping ground, and now Mr. Bowflex, needs some room ,and frankly we have to clean, and go through all the things we never had a place for.So we did it , I live to tell we vacuumed, and got rid of things we didn't need to save, we organized, yes that's right the O word, we did, and we didn't leave too much of a mess.

Are we finished, not really we still have stuff to go through, we didn't just procrastinate in one room, we did it all over the house.Hhere's to turning over more of those new leaves, tomorrow.

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Mrs. G. said...

You are so right. One thing I hate about owning a treadmill is the inability to whine and carry on like the rain is holding me back. I am such a faker.