Friday, November 02, 2007

it's all about color

In my printmaking I tend to use a lot of color, though I like black and white,I just like colors more. I use oil based relief inks, which clean up, quite easily with plain old vegetable oil and Simple Green.
There are other inks by Akua Kolor, wonderful water based inks, but they take longer to dry, so they can smudge, if say you are printing blank greeting cards, which is what I have been doing over the last 2 weeks at the studio, in preparation for the upcoming Holiday open studios.
One of the many things I love about oil based inks , is there open time, the length of time they can be out of the can, and still workable,you can set out oil based inks, for hours, possibly days, though I've never had a marathon printing session, that had I needed to have my inks out for that long, but I have printed on one day, and come back the next day to print all over again, I will cover my blob of ink over with foil, or plastic wrap to keep, the lint off of it mostly,
when I print consecutive days in a row, it keeps it from forming a skin, which oils will do
after being exposed to the air for an extended period of time.
Which brings up how to get ink properly out of the can, you could gouge it out, but there leaves an open area in the ink that will harden, and cause a skin to form, and since you can only remove that skin before, you use it next, it's better if you control, how the skin forms, an easily removed even thin layer, or a big irregular booger shaped skin, that causes you to dig out of the can forming a deeper hole,and the creation of more ink snot, yes ink snot,I'm pretty sure it's a term I've coined, but anyone I've said it too, nods knowingly, and gets what I mean.If you remove the ink, with ink knife, that pretty much looks like a spackling blade, in a circular fashion,so the ink that is left in an even flat layer, and you use a skin paper on the exposed ink in the can before you put on the lid, you may have little or no ink skin to remove the next time you need to use it.
I so love the colors, how vibrant they are, and frankly I like the smell of them too, does that make me some printmaking freak, probably but I'll wear that badge proudly. damn it.
I really love how they dry to this lovely sheen, something that i think adds to the print.
Would I switch someday to strictly Aqua Kolors, someday maybe but I'd have to have my need to procrastinate under control, and print well in advance, so there will be plenty of time for the ink to dry,and that another story, on another day.


s'mee said...

just looking at your prep photo makes my eyes water! lovely colour!

Marie said...

This is bringing me back to my students days... The careful scraping of ink, the smell, the precision, etc.