Saturday, November 24, 2007

holiday meals

It all went off with out a hitch, I actually remembered everything, the extra stuffing got cooked, the rolls got baked, golden brown and they weren't even burnt.

The turkey came out perfect, my fresh, then frozen, then thawed bird came out perfect, we did it Alton Brown style, which is basically 500 degrees, for 30 minutes, then you drop the temperature of your oven to 350, and you also cover the breast with foil, there is no basting. All I made sure to do was add water to the roasting pan, so the the drippings can make the base of what will be the easiest gravy, ever.

Now I am a baster, I have for years, and when my husband first suggested it, we'd cook it the Alton Brown way, frankly I was resistant.I was cooking this turkey what if it turned out, awful!
It would be my fault not Alton Brown's ,plus that he's a food network star, who wouldn't really feel my agony of defeat. Tom was gentle, with his suggestion, didn't bring it up again, but he planted the seed. I was imagining, "could there be a easy way to make a turkey?
The idea whispered in the back of my head, as I planned my menu, and divvied up the food jobs. It was there a little beacon,present,wanting me to choose.Then I decided today(remember I'm a procrastinator, I'd do it. Thank gawd I came to my senses.

When I was younger, I used to make fairly elaborate meals, lots of steps, which would taste wonderful, but added tons of time onto the process. Now with 20 years of wisdom, under my belt, I realize simple is often better, easier to do, and there was no stress involved, which that in itself is a mean feat to pull off, before friends and family. It may have taken me 2 decades to achieve that, but I'm pretty happy that I have.
But then again, does that mean it took 20 years to get that lesson through my head?
Perhaps, but I can live with that.

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