Monday, November 05, 2007

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So dear reader though, I posted last night's post a mere 5 minutes after midnight on Sunday, I am posting another Monday entry well to account for today,Monday. I'm on vacation this week from the job at the hospital. Every Veteran's Day weekend is the Holiday Open Studio for the whole building not just our studio, if it gets slow, I am sometimes lucky enough to see other artist's studio and see what goes on behind those closed doors.

Now you are probably wondering why I would need to take time off. It's mostly for all the prep work, well there's sorting out my prints, what's really good quality, and what will go in the seconds pile, usually these are prints, where i can see the registration is off, etc. i need to bag the prints, in these lovely Polypropylene sleeves, that not only protect but are archival too.Makes me have little fantasies about being found in some one's house of course posthumously, and becoming a famous printmaker.I need to figure out a price list, finish my job that volunteered to do for the studio, I make the name placards for each artist table.

Now that was the good part of my day, this was the bad part.I had my teeth cleaned today. A new hygienist, I understand her need to do a good job, but I swear she scaled me some new teeth.She was also one of those back handed compliment people. First she asked me if I flossed, I said " I do regularly, I use those little Glide flossers" where she proceeded to tell me that "using those are better, than using nothing" I guess she's an old skool kind of flosser, not one of those new fangled flosser users. And I got to hear once again, about my filling overhang, that will slowly cause my jaw to crumble to dust, if I'm not careful. I guess I'm not careful, because if I was I'd use the old fashioned floss and actually do a good job.Instead of being a plaque maven. ah well we can't all be perfect toothed, or maybe it's perfect gummed.


dogfaceboy said...

My sister is a dental hygienist. And I want to keep my teeth. Much that I'm afraid of dental work (and have a mouthful of fillings and crowns to show why), I do whatever I have to do. I do not want to gum my food. And neither do you!

I love your photo, and I'm happy about your print work. You're a talented artist. Good luck!

Mrs. G. said...

My son left his last dentist appointment with a little flossing shame. He got the same comment about those gliders. What the hell? I wanted to go in there and throttle that hygienist. He's twelve and easily distracted...I'm just glad he's flossing at all. Jeez. Hope your gums fell better.

Tracy said...

L this is very true, i want to die with all my teeth, in my mouth.I really understand it's her job, to get me to do it right,and there'll be no gumming food here. think it would have been appreciated, if the hygienist asked me how i flossed, and if i said I used those Gliders,she could have showed my some tricks, to insure I use them correctly, for my best advantage.

Tracy said...

@L thanks for the comment, I'm feel like i am heading in the right direction with my printing.

CraftyGuy said...

Going to the dentist is harrowing enough, but one with a 'tude? Ick.