Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the original plan

I'm finding with this daily writing, I'm posting now without pictures, something I figured would never happen , as i figured, I would never be able to find the words, or a sentence to write.
Surprisingly, my brain is enjoying this exercise in building grey matter, not sure if it's the endorphin buzz, or just I'm thinking more in words than in visuals. And I like a visual aid as much as as the next person.

I take a lot of photographs, a lot! So many that I have constipated, my Photoshop Elements, to almost imminent standstill. "no, i can't have almost filled it , I still do not know how to use it completely."
I have of late considered myself more visual oriented then literal, with the age of Digital cameras, I realize I have an eye for composition, which I understand better , what I'm taking a picture of.I'm able to really achieve this better with a digital camera.I can go back and reshoot, to get what I want.

Do i wish i had the patience for film, yes.
am I glad there are people that do have that patience. Yes!

Will i eventually go back to the original plan, pictures, and text, you betcha, but for right now I'll just continue the write, daily that is, it's national blog posting month after all.

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Marie said...

I'm enjoying your thoughts on this, and interested to read further posts this month. :)