Wednesday, November 14, 2007

home for the holidays

Home is always the place you want to be, I want it to be a place where I can open my door and let my friends and family in. Home for the holidays, is a good thing too.With Thanksgiving approaching, the family months will begin.

I'm lucky my house is big enough, for the whole famn damily, and then some. That also insures, I don't have to drive to anyone's house,they come to me, I can walk around barefoot, if I want, play the music I want to listen too, and cook.And this year I have a dish washer.SO I can just fill the dish washer, and turn it on and have a cup of tea. I should really name her, face it, even if you are a highly evolved male who does the dishes, you know the dishwasher is female. I'm thinking Louise is a good name. Cheers Louise!

Louise will be busy come November 24th. With my family, being 3 of us are nurses, it's hard for us all to have the actual Thursday of Thanksgiving off. So we usually plan for the weekend after, to get together, and we manage it, plus my best girlfriend comes over too, which makes it really nice, and fun, full of family , friends, and food.

There usually ends up being 9 or 11. So we kind of split up food duties, but as we do host it, we do the lion share of the food, which is good, would be better if i had a sous chef at my side assisting me, but hey, i can't have it all. One year I invited a friend and she like to cook, so she volunteered her services, she came over and did the prep work ,and I cooked it was amazing and nerve racking all in one, it weird giving orders to a guest. I miss Danuel, she unfortunately has moved away, so it's too long distance , but that year it was so fun, and she was a big part of that.So cheers to you D, I'll be thinking of you, as I chop celery and onions all by my lonesome. Hoping you have an equally nice sous chef to help out you, this year.

Another memory I have about Thanksgiving is my Grammie "C' always put out name cards, I'm gonna have to do that again, I remember it being so fun reading all the names, and how the seating was arranged, and the finding my seat, as a kid. I think if my niece Karlie is coming I'll definitely do it, she's 9 so she's a little reader, and will check them out.

I'm lucky that My husband and I feel the same way about having people over, though we are fond of our hermit like ways, we also love the holidays, and we love our families,(mostly)
Cheers to you all,I hope you can be home for the holidays, wherever that may be.

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Mrs. G. said...

Your house is gorgeous!!! It looks like a place filled with wonderful memories.

I have never done name cards before...I really like this idea so I think I'm going to steal it.

I hope you have a holiday filled with love and good cheer.