Friday, November 30, 2007

the finish line or TGIF

I can't believe I did it! Thirty days of posting daily. I've enjoyed the blogs I've discovered. There are some pretty funny people out there blogging. I thank you for taking the time to make my day start with laughter.

Today was like any other Friday, except I did a few things that have been waiting to get done.
1. I finally planted my narcissus bulbs, supposedly there were 32 bulbs, but there is no way there was, which made me happy.For one the ground wasn't frozen yet, and for two what was I thinking when I thought I'd have time between open studio preparation and a major holiday to be able to plant them. Today I couldn't stand it anymore, I was tired of their little papery taunting bulb faces, silently mocking me, threatening to freeze and rot, so I did it. I planted them , and gave my procrastinating self a kick in the butt.

2.I made my Christmas list out for my mother, so she won't go crazy, because she has no idea what to buy me. I've only been her daughter for 44 years, but I guess I am tres mysterious, and she need help. Which honestly she does, she's a bit like a magpie, and their attraction to shiny things, she often buys me things she just loves, which umm I don't. Does that make me sound ungrateful? I certainly hope not because with a little guidance( catalogs I've marked in sharpie) she's able to decide, and pick out some really cool things. Plus My mother almost always comments on her frugality, because she is Scotch. So for her spending her money to get the right gift is important. And who am I to deny my mother that.

3.I finished my CEU's, continuing education units, that I need to have to be able to renew my nurses license every two years.I need to renew my license in January. Luckily I had 6 already, but I need a total of 15.
Do I work at them over a two year period? Yeah, right. I usually do them in December.
I work part time at as hospital, how come I don't receive a percentage of those hours as a CEUs? My job is ever changing, and growing, but not considered continued education.Either way I'm done

So I guess this last day of NaBloPoMo was all about finishing things that needed to get done.
Congratulations to all of you bloggers out there that NaBlo'd your way throughout this month too.


Marie said...

"finishing things that need to get done" hmmm yes, I like that!

Mrs. G. said...

I love these kind of productive days...I, on the otherhand, read a book and took two naps. Not sure if I'm getting sick or what.

I have so enjoyed your thirty days of posts. I feel lucky to have found you so early. I look forward to many more visits.

Have a wonderful weekend.