Saturday, November 10, 2007

open studio weekend

this picture says it all, it was all about people, little, big, small, there was a lot of smiling today.
and schmoozing, and explaining printmaking techniques.
I sold many cards, and 2 prints, it was nice, the best thing was it was a relaxed day, and I had a sunny window.So I could stay warm.

As the landlord, likes to let the heat run only in afternoon, when the sun is shining it's fullest,against the building. then he drops the thermostat, so when it's actually getting cold, there is no heat.(grumble- grumble)

Today, a nice woman, handed her very active, but grabby baby to Joyce, who calmly held him, he smiled, they came over and he showed me his cool socks, that were made by the sock lady of vermont.
which i coincidentally, I read about days before in mrs. g's blog.
this baby was charming, and a totally happy,he didn't fuss for one minute, and joyce and i were perfect strangers.Sometimes i think that is the best thing about open studio, not the actual selling, but the people watching.

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Mrs. G. said...

I love how the world seems small sometimes...serendipity. Great photo.